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Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar

Located just behind the main lobby (it's actually attached to it), you'll find the one & only bar on property. It's quite a ways away from the pool area, so it's not one of the better ones to hang around at - just get a drink to go back to your chair by the pool.

Click here for Disney's Pool Bar Drink Menu

Draft Beer
Shock Top, Bud Light, Landshark Lager, Sam Adams, Yuengling

Pour Quality

Bags of chips

Not much of any here, with the bar being so far back from the pool and off to the side. There are a few seats at the bar, 2 TVs and a couple tables to the side if you feel so inclined to sit in the back out of the way.

Reader Comments (1)

A bit pricey, but then again… this is Disney. Great staff and always an evening stop to hang out a bit before turning in.

March 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLiam

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