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Martha's Vineyard Lounge

You'll find this casual hotel lounge right around the corner from Cape May Cafe. It's a relaxing lounge to wind down after a long day at the parks. TV's, comfy seating, a nice cold drink and you'll be ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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Draft Beer
Sam Adams, Sam Adams Seasonal, Bud Light

Pour Quality

Just OK


Limited appetizer menu.


Kinda dark, kinda quiet, but kinda nice. It's got several chairs & tables, and other padded wicker furninture that I've seen people curled up on taking a nap. During the day it's a nice spot to get away if you need a break. It's decorated like your Grandma's porch - if she lived in New England back in the 80's.


If you're looking for action, this is not the bar to be. I've seen it busy and loud at times but not often. Even though this place is usually a desert, in our experience, it's often difficult to get the bartender's attention. "Hello? . . . Customer here! . . . Hate to break up the conversation with the other bartender but . . . " I'm sure you get the point. Even with the inattentive staff I'd still call it a good spot to whip out a deck of cards for a slow southern evening.

Updated 6/2011

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