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Cigarz at CityWalk

CLOSED as of DECEMBER 31, 2013
The doors may be forever closed, but we'll leave the post up in remembrance. Cigarz was demolished to make way for new restaurant expansions at CityWalk in 2014. Read the details here.

Why did Cigarz fans love it so? It was the one bar in CityWalk that may remind you of that local dive bar back home. If you like the wispy scent of cigar smoke and cheap, well-poured drinks and beer specials, well then this was the place for you.

Pour Quality
Above Above Average - Yes, this is why we loved stopping by for a Jack & Coke.

What was the Atmosphere Like?
Like you've stepped into an old tobacco shed, dark, musty and just the right amount of cigar smoky. Look up at the ceiling and you'll see tobacco hanging out to dry just like in a real barn. This Cuban-styled hangout is popular with locals and Universal employees alike. You'll find more employees relaxing with a cold one after a shift than a typical tourist. Take a seat at the bar or one of several high-top or regular tables. One warning - there is only one bathroom in here - I mean one stall - for men & women - so lines get long. They have a few TV's and the electronic touch-screen bar video game. (Ugh, who wrote this?! It's a Megatouch. I thought we were bar aficionados.)
At the front of the bar you'll find the cigar store with an assortment of cigars, cigarettes, lighters and other cigar related items for sale. I'm particularly fond of the cigar boxes for sale - they sell the cardboard ones for cheap, along with high-end fine wood boxes. A stop at Cigarz isn't complete without a peak into the humidor, whether or not you smoke, these things just smell neat. The large, walk in humidor houses a few hundred different types of cigars from around the world and a helpful employee to help you navigate the selection.

Previous Review
If you want someplace to grab a drink in the afternoon and have a conversatation with a friend in a casual, laid-back atmosphere, this is it. However, if you are the kind of person who can't tolerate smoke, then this place isn't for you. It does get much busier during the late night hours and can be difficult to get service, let alone a table. This is our favorite 'normal' bar on property. Once inside you don't feel like you're at a theme park anymore. And just like not feeling like a typical theme park bar, the servers aren't exactly bending over backwards friendly, but tip them appropriately and they'll be sure to remember you on the next round.

Updated 1/2014

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the review of the bar. Though, I have a different take on the aroma of the place. I and a friend wanted to try this place out during HHN when you posted about a Pumpkin beer selection being on tap. We ventured in and the place was quiet with perhaps three to five people seated at the bar. Not sure how many, if any, were smoking but I can say the air in the place was quite permeated. Being a non-smoker and not wanting to smell for the rest of the evening we opted to forgo the beer. I did notice signs indicating no glassware beyond the door so I'm assuming they will set you up with a plastic cup if asked and that may be an option for some. At any rate, non-smokers may not be able to enjoy the place. Of course, non-smokers certainly are not the target audience of the place.

January 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterThreeCircles

ThreeCircles - You're exactly right - "Of course, non-smokers certainly are not the target audience of the place." It's definitely not a place for someone who can't stand the smell of smoke. We, however, think it adds to the charm of the place. I am not a smoker, but my husband will buy the occasional cigar while there. If you can run in, get a drink to go, and leave, they do have nicely poured drinks for the price. Hey, to each his own, right? :)

January 5, 2011 | Registered CommenterPartyThroughTheParks

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