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Just what is a Cowfish? Here's some reading material for you. Now that you're educated, you can't miss this giant orange building nearly smack in the center of CityWalk. Vivo, the new Italian restaurant is directly below this sushi burger bar. They are also open for lunch at 11am with the bars open til 2am.

Specialty Cocktails
Bees Knees - $9.50
Miller's gin, lemon and lime juice, honey, soda.

Buffalos and Bacon - $11
Buffalo Trace bourbon, cherry liqueur, angostura and orange bitters, honey, candied bacon.

Hokkaido Nights - $10
44 North Nectarine vodka, lemongrass syrup, fresh basil and mint, cucumber.

Plum up, Wine Down - $9.50
Old Forester bourbon, plum wine, honey, fresh plum, thyme.

Ruby Panther - $9
Deep Eddy Ruby vodka, simple syrup, lemon juice, pink lemonade, raspberries.

Backyard Brew - $11
Firefly Moonshine Apple Pie, Fireball whiskey, apple juice, cinnamon.

Blueberry Bottom - $12
VeeV Acai liqueur, blueberry puree, lemonade, lime juice, fresh blueberries.

Not Your Average Float - $10
Blackmaker Root Beer liqueur, Session Black lager, vanilla ice cream.

Rising Sun Margarita - $10
Corazon Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, orange juice, blood orange syrup.

Moscow Mule - $11
Russian Standard vodka, ginger beer, simple syrup, lime juice, mint.

Mexican Mule - $11
Corazon tequila, ginger beer, simple syrup, lime juice, mint.

Tennessee Mule - $11
Jack Daniel's whiskey, ginger beer, simple syrup, lime juice, mint.

Draft Beer
Bud Light - $4.50
Newcastle - $5.75
Dogfish Head 60 Min. - $6
Blue Moon - $5.50
Sam Adams - $5.50
Kirin - $5.75
Oraganic O-town Brown (Orlando, FL) - $6

American Premium
Budweiser - $5
Miller Lite - $5
Michelob Ultra - $5
Pabst Blue Ribbon - $6
Angry Orchard Cider - $6.50

Unique Imports
Tsing Tao - $6.50
Lucky Buddha - $6
Singha - $6.50
Sapporo - $6.50
Tiger Lager - $6.50
Heineken - $6.50
Amstel Light - $6.50
Corona - $6.50
Corona Light - $6.50
Labatt Blue - $5.50
Pilsner Urquell - $6.50
Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale - $6.50
Boddington's - $6.75
Stella Artois - $6.50
Chimay Grande Reserve - $9
Lideman's Framboise - $6.50
Guinness - $6
Smithwick's - $6

Import Bottled Beer
Shiner Bock - $6.50
Bell's Two Hearted Ale - $6.50
Victory Hopdevil Ale - $6.50
Brooklyn American Ale - $6.50
Harpoon - $6.50
Magic Hat #9 - $6.50
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - $6.50
Widmer - $6.50
Redhook ESB - $6.50
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale - $6.50
Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat - $6.50
Mad Manatee - $6.50
Ybor Gold - $6.50
Holy Mackerel - $6.50
Florida Lager - $6.50
Orange Blossom Pilsner - $6.50
312 Goose Island - $6.50

Spiked Shakes
The King Lives - $12
Cruzan rum, 99 Bananas liqueur, vanilla ice cream, banana, peanut butter cups.

Stick in the Mud - $12
Collingwood Canadian whiskey, vanilla ice cream, malt, caramel drizzle, pretzel rod.

Orange Ya Glad I'm Back - $12
Cruzan Vanilla rum, Pinnacle Orange vodka, vanilla ice cream, orange sherbert.

Strawberry Banana - $12
Myers's Dark rum, 99 Bananas liqueur, vanilla ice cream, strawberries.

Chocolate "To Dive For" - $12
Amaretto liqueur, Godiva liqueur, vanilla ice cream, malt, shaved chocolate.

Hot & Cold Sake
Gekkeikean Traditional - Full Carafe $10

Ozeiki - 750ml $30
Hakushika Henjozo - 300ml $35
Ozeiki Nigori Unfiltered - 375ml $32
Dassai Nigori Unfiltered - 300ml $40
Zipane Sparkling Sake - 250ml $20
Gekeikkan Black & Gold - 750ml $50

A good selection of white, red, sparkling and chamgagne available by glass or bottle. Click on the menu photo below for the list or click here.

Can't choose between a burger and sushi? Now you don't have to! Check out their full menu here.

Modern, trendy and a bit fishy - in the lots-of-aquariums-way not in the smelly way. Casual, laid-back environment with edgy features that still feels warm and welcoming to everyone, kids to adults. You'll find 3 different bars here: one inside the main floor, one on the second floor and one out on the patio open air to the walkway of CityWalk (the best one). The bar out on the CityWalk path side has seating at the bar, high-tops and even a couple games of cornhole to challenge your friends.

We haven't enjoyed any entrees here yet, but we keep hearing good reviews. Let us know what you think in the comments. We have enjoyed a few cocktails - look for those reviews soon!

Updated 1/2015

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Meh, overpriced frozen burger patties loaded with all sorts of silly toppings to cover up cheap beef. Never a combination for a good burger. Steak & Shake have substantially better tasting and higher quality burgers.

May 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterCarpetFan

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