Legoland Florida

Legoland is now officially open in Winter Haven, FL. While we haven't visited yet ourselves, you found your way to our site to get the answer to this question - Do they serve beer or liquor at Legoland? Magic Kingdom is no longer the only dry theme park in town - you can add Legoland to that list. No liquor, no beer. 

Other Legolands around the world do serve beer, some even liquor. Will they change their minds when the intense Florida summer returns and allow an exhausted and tired Mom & Dad to enjoy a cold one? Time will tell. (Seriously, what's a ski show without a brewski in your hand? Am I right?) Strict control at this kind of park is important, but there's nothing wrong with having one or two.

Will PTTP still go visit the land o' legos? We'll probably stop by sometime. It looks like fun and we've never been to one before.

Thanks to @RoadTripsForBeer for confirming what we suspected.

Photo & logo ©Legoland 

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