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Banana Cabana

Cocktail Description
Cruzan Mango rum, Coruba Coconut rum, Creme de Banana, orange and pineapple juices with a float of grenadine.

Review 11/2012
Now this is what people think of when they want a tropical drink. The Banana Cabana is sweet with a pronounced banana flavor (which is good, since that's its name) with hints of coconut and mango and a pineapple juice punch. One of the easiest, most tasty and refreshing drinks on Disney's menu, so it's very easy to throw back a few of them (that is until you see the price). If you like tropical drinks we highly recommend this one. It doesn't have an overpowering alcohol taste either, so it's also good for light drinkers.

Ever order a Yellow Bird? This is basically the same cocktail with a different name.

Banana Cabana Recipe

Order One Up Here
Any Disney Resort Pool Bar

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