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Tipsy Ducks In Love

Cocktail Description
Creamy Cold tea and coffee combo blended with bourbon whiskey and chocolate.

Review 10/2012
A Hong Kong style Yuan Yang drink, made with creamy Cold Tea and Coffee blended with Bourbon Whiskey and Chocolate. They are already winning on the name alone on this one! We were informed that this drink has very limited availability and is only a short term addition to the menu.

After several evening visits to Epcot and hearing them tell us that they "just sold out", we finally got one, in fact we ordered two! This creamy iced coffee is very much like an iced latte - easy to drink, and provides quite the kick with the nice shot of bourbon and creamy, decadent chocolate aftertaste. We would like to recommend this as a great after dinner dessert drink, but they almost always sell out of it by 6pm! If you want to enjoy this cocktail, get one early - and you should, it's delicious.

Order One Up Here
Tea Stand in China at Epcot

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