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Epcot has the largest variety of drinks available on Disney property. From a Limoncello in Italy to a fine French wine to aged Mexican tequila to scotch on the rocks in the UK, there's something here to satisfy everyone.

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Are the drink stands & bars open during Extra Magic Hours? Yes! They do begin closing up shop around an hour or so before close.

Looking for information on the World Showcase Wine Walk? Looking for a drink after 9pm?

2011 Food & Wine Reviews here.

Following posts are in alphabetical order.

*There are now 2 full-service bars in Epcot (UK & Italy). Pour Quality will also apply to mixed slushes, margaritas, etc. Prices as of 6/2012. Selections & prices subject to change.


Africa - Refreshment Outpost

Drink stand located in "Africa" between China & Germany.

Yuengling - $7
Safari Amber - $7
Bud Light - $6.25
ACE Pineapple Cider - $6

Specialty Drink
Mango Starr Smoothie - $9.50
Mango puree and African Starr Rum.

Frozen Elephant - $9
Frozen Coca-Cola and Amarula Cream Liqueur.

Hot Dogs & ice cream treats

Cute outpost themed area with congo drums just begging to be played. Check out the Coke containers- they'll give you a surprise. There is occasionally a musician playing the congo drums and singing that makes it a fun stop for kids & adults. There are a few chairs & tables across the way by the water.

Safari Amber is the unique beer that is widely available at Animal Kingdom. It is a darker lager, with a sweet taste, but then turns rather hoppy for the aftertaste. If all you drink is Bud Light, this isn't for you.

Mango Starr Smoothie is a delicious mango smoothie - but without a hint of that rich African Starr Rum. If you just want a mango smoothie, you're better off finding one elsewhere for quite a bit less.

As many people have noticed...has Epcot downgraded Africa to a country? At first glance, obviously. But, take a closer look. Africa is actually represented again, by Morocco. Apparently there's a little more love for Africa than everyone thinks.

Updated 6/2015

Epcot Home


Canada - Beer Cart

Located in front of the gardens near the entrance to Le Cellier. 

Moosehead, Moosehead Light - $8.75 (Souvenir Mug $12.50)

Labatt Blue Light can - $6.75

La Fin Du Monde - $10.25
Trois Pistoles - $10.25
Cherry Ephemere - $9.25

St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat - $8.25
St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout - $8.25

Specialty Drink
Torontopolitan - $8.25
(Iceberg Vodka, Creme de Cassis, triple sec & cranberry juice)

10 Span Chardonnay, California - $6
Acrobat Pinot Noir, Oregon - $6.25

Previously Available
Neige Premiere Apple Ice Wine

Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn

Head back to the 50' waterfall for some fresh Canadian scenery to go along with your fresh Canadian beer.  The 360 degree movie was re-shot, at least partially, for 2008 with Martin Short.  FYI, You're allowed to finish up your beer in the waiting area but it's not allowed in the theater. (Some people have reported back that they got into the theater with their beer. Don't count on it, but you may luck out!)

Moosehead is a hoppier lager with a bitter aftertaste. Labbatt is the Canadian's take on Budweiser . . . I hate to admit this but I think it's better than ours. Lets blame it on it being so cold up there that all they've got to do is ski, ice skate and brew delicious beer.  I guess that makes me feel a little better.

Torontopolitan Review 
We were excited to see this drink added to the cart's menu. Obviously, this looks like it's right up our alley! Unfortunately it was one of the biggest disappointments of a drink we've had with Disney, ever. While cosmopolitans are kind of the wimp in the martini world, these are still martinis. That means you're supposed to taste, savor and enjoy the high quality alcohol that goes into them. This sad excuse of a drink is like Hi-C with a heavy squeeze of lime. Very disappointing for an eight dollar cocktail.

It should be mentioned that the drink stand pours these from a pre-made mix. Hopefully they're handcrafted in the restaurant and poured appropriately inside. Our take on this one: Skip this overpriced kool-aid at the stand.

Unibroue Trois Pistoles Review 
We are happy to report that some fantastic beer has been added to the cart as of September 2011. These 3 Unibroue beers have always been available inside Le Cellier, but now you can enjoy them without an ADR! You can choose from Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly, or Trois Pistoles here, though there are more varieties of Unibroue available at most larger liquor stores. In the mood for a dark beer, we tried the Trois Pistoles. A delicious moderately dark beer with a deep caramel and nutty flavor with hints of nutmeg.

Treat yourself to a Neige Premiere Apple Ice Wine for a special treat. A very sweet wine with a cidery-apple hint to it makes this one of the better ice wines we've tried. Smooth, and satisfying and not too overpoweringly sweet like some ice wines can be. A highly recommended wine to put on your drinking around the world list. **Currently not available**

Updated 8/2014


Canada - Le Cellier Steakhouse

Tucked away in the back corner of Canada, this is one of the most popular restaurants throughout the entire Disney resort. Good luck getting a dinner reservation - you're best chance of dining here is lunch on a weekday in the middle of the afternoon as a walk-up. 


Canadian Unibroue - $6.75
(Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly, Don De Dieu, Maudite, La Fin du Monde, Trois Pistoles)
Molson Canadian, Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light - $5.75
Moosehead Pale Ale draft - $5.25

Unibroue Flight - $8.50
Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly and Trois Pistoles.

Specialty Cocktails
Le Cellier Caesar
- $6.50
A Canadian favorite with Iceberg Vodka, Clamato juice and a blend of seasonings.

Torontopolitan - $9.50
Combination of Iceberg Vodka, Chambord, cranberry & orange juices and garnished with a cherry.

Vodka Martini - $7.50
Traditional style with Iceberg Vodka and dry vermouth with an olive or twist.

Sassy Berry Martini - $7.50
Saskatoon berry-infused Iceberg vodka, dry vermouth, cranberry juice and creme de cassis.

Blueberry Icewine Martini - $9
Iceberg vodka, Chateau des Charmes Videl Icewine and muddled blueberries.

Key Lime Coconut Martini - $8.50
Midori Melon liqueur, Stoli Vanilla vodka, pina colada mix, pineapple juice and freshly squeezed lime juice with a crushed graham cracker rim.

Godiva Chocolate Martini - $9.50
Stoli vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, white creme de cacao and Frangelico.

Blue Glow-tini - $10.50
Skyy Infusions Citrus vodka, peach schnapps, blue curacao and pineapple juice with a souvenir glow cube.

Magical Star Cocktail - $10.50
Light up your celebration with X-Rated Fusion Organic Mango and Passion Fruit liqueur, Parrot Bay coconut rum, pineapple juice and a souvenir multicolored glow cube.

Le Cellier Martini Flight - $16
Blue Glo-tini, Sassy Berry Martini and Godiva Chocolate Martini.

Canadian Whiskey Flight - $8.75
.75oz. of each
Crown Royal, Pendleton, Forty Creek

2oz. pour
Johnny Walker Black - $10.25
The Macallan 12 yr. - $12
The Macallan 15 yr. - $17
Highland Park 18 yr. - $20
Glenlivet 12 yr. - $11
Glenfiddich 12 yr. - $11

2oz. pour
Pendleton - $10.25
Forty Creek - $10.25
Crown Royal - $10.25

2oz. pour
Knob Creek - $11
Red Stag - $9
Jack Daniel's - $9

2oz. pour
Remy Martin VSOP - $17
Hennessy VS - $12
Courvoisier VS - $10.25

2oz. pour
Grand Marnier - $10.25
Kahlua - $9
Southern Comfort - $9
Mount Gay XO - $9
Baileys Irish Cream - $9
Sambuca - $10.25
Drambuie - $8.50
Harveys Bristol Cream - $6.50

Red, White & Sparkling Wines - a modest selection of each, ranging from $8 - $16 glass. Also available by bottle.

Dessert Wines - $12 - $17 glass. Also available by bottle.

After Dinner Drink
Canadian Coffee - $8.25
With Canadian Club whiskey.

Several of their wines are Canadian.

If you have done any research on Disney, you already know that this is one of the IT places to have lunch or dinner.


China - Gift Shop

Besides Chinese gift items ranging from candles to dresses to artwork, you'll now find wine & beer available for purchase.

Tsing Tao beer (cans)
An assortment of Chinese Wines

Some rather interesting snacks (chips, cookies, etc.) from China.

A very detailed and ornate pavilion that deserves attention. Whether stopping in to see the movie (or just to get some AC) take a few minutes to enjoy what the area has to offer.

Tsing Tao is a smooth lager - not very hoppy and nearly no bitter aftertaste. If you like Bud, give it a try.


China - Lotus Blossom Cafe

Nín hǎo - Welcome to China!  You won't find a warmer welcome at any other restaurant in the showcase. Enjoy Chinese counter service food & drinks with typically shorter lines than other counter-service locations around the world showcase.

Tsing Tao bottle - $6.25
Budweiser draft - $5.50
Yuengling draft - $5.50
Plum Wine - $4.99

A variety of typical Chinese food. The egg rolls and potstickers are the best choice for an affordable snack.

The seating area is usually busy, and rather industrial-like. It's not really a comfortable hang out for a long conversation but after a few hours of walking around it can still seem pretty inviting. Unless you’re grabbing some food, I suggest taking your drinks and wandering the pond area. There are some paths way in the back that most people miss. Sadly, the acrobatic show has been brought to an end in the summer of 2011. But this is still a beautiful area, especially at night when everything is lit up.

Tsing Tao is a smooth lager - not very hoppy and nearly no bitter aftertaste. If you like Bud, give it a try. The plum wine here is very sweet, a bit much for my taste. It's a small pour for the money, but at the same time it seems like the right amount of such a sweet drink.

Great area for the professional & amateur photographer alike.

Updated 8/2014


China - Nine Dragons

Full-service restaurant with a variety of beer, wine, daiquiris & cocktails available.

Specialty Cocktails
- $7.98

Ginger Zinger
Ginger liqueur, light rum, ginger ale, lemon twist

South Sea Breeze
Coconut rum, grenadine, pineapple and orange juices

Shanghai Fusion
Light rum, cherry brandy, plum wine, grapefruit and pineapple juices

Jade Beauty
Vodka, honeydew melon liqueur, pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda

Heavenly Clouds
Coconut rum, honeydew melon liqueur, pineapple juice, cream float

Frozen Daiquiris
Strawberry, Mango, Shangri-La Blend (strawberry & mango) - $7.50

Tsing Tao - $5.98
Tsing Tao Pure Draft - $5.98

Sparkling Wines - $14 - $16 glass
White Wines - $6.50 - $11.95 glass
Red Wines - $6.50 - $9.50
Sweet Wines - $6.75 - $9.95 glass
(wines are also available by the bottle)

View Nine Dragons' Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu.


China - Tea Stand

You'll find this little tea stand on the lagoon side of the China pavilion. Aside from a decent assortment of tea, you'll find some rather unusual cocktails.

Specialty Cocktails - $7.50

Mango Gingerita - with vodka and rum

Canto Loopy - with vodka and cantaloupe juice

Peach Snap! - with schnapps

Green Tea Plum Slush - with plum wine

Tipsy Ducks in Love - $8.50
Creamy Cold tea and coffee combo blended with bourbon whiskey and chocolate.

Mango Gingerita & Canto LoopyBeer
Tsing Tao - $6.25
Tsing Tao Pure Draft - $6.25

Plum wine - $4.99

Pour Quality
Average. They free-pour these, so you'll either get a very nice pour, or it'll be just ok.

Pork Buns, Egg Rolls, Cucumber Salad, Ice Creams (Strawberry-Red Bean & Caramel-Ginger)

Pictured here are two of the most sensational Chinese things I've found since I stumbled onto potstickers 20 years ago! The Mango Gingerita (yellow) is for someone who loves ginger. Really loves ginger. (and I was always partial to Mary Ann) The sweet mango and spicy ginger combine to make a very unique beverage. It's obvious this thing was made out of the real stuff instead of some fake flavorant, it's loaded with tiny ginger fibers that release a fresh raw ginger burst as you give your drink a quick chew on its way down. Unfortunately, the recipe has changed recently (2012) and is now missing those ginger fibers that gave this drink it's unique kick. It's still a very savory beverage and likely unlike anything you've ever had before. The Canto Loopy tastes like you stuck a straw into a canteloup, added vodka and enjoyed. You'll enjoy a garden-ie fresh, light, smooth and fruity way to get yourself cooled off in the hot Florida sun. 

Another strange-yet-delicious drink here is the Green Tea Plum Slush. This truly is a hard to describe flavor. A little green tea-y with the punch of the sweet plum wine. Give this one a try - you'll either love it or hate it. We love it.

These drinks are pre-made n/a mixes and they add the liquor on top, so you can order one N/A if you'd like (but why would you?). Not sure you're up for it? Give it a test drive first, they offered us free samples of the mix first to see if we'd like them. It's hard to find such unique drinks anywhere and this tea stand doesn't get the fanboy 'drink hype' it deserves.

6/2/12 Update
Look what we found! A new specialty drink called "Tipsy Ducks in Love", a Hong Kong style Yuan Yang drink - made with creamy Cold Tea and Coffee blended with Bourbon Whiskey and Chocolate. They are already winning on the name alone on this one! We were informed that this drink has very limited availability and is only a short term addition to the menu. 

10/12 Review 
After several evening visits to Epcot and hearing them tell us that they "just sold out", we finally got one, in fact we ordered two! This creamy iced coffee is very much like an iced latte - easy to drink, and provides quite the kick with the nice shot of bourbon and creamy, decadent chocolate aftertaste. We would like to recommend this as a great after dinner dessert drink, but they almost always sell out of it by 6pm! If you want to enjoy this cocktail, get one early - and you should, it's delicious.

Updated 8/2014


Espresso, Coffee & Pastries Stands

You'll find these "soon to be more popular" coffee stands in between the Italian & United States pavilions, the entrance of World Showcase towards Mexico, between Canada & UK pavilions and in Future World near Ellen's Energy Adventure. While these have always been a decent place to grab a coffee and a donut, they have now expanded their offerings with liquors to compliment your coffee or latte, along with a new cocktail.

Alcoholic Beverages

Coffee - $8.49  12oz.  hot or iced
With your choice of Baileys, Kahlua or Jameson.

Tea Breeze - $8.49   12oz.
Fresh brewed tea and frozen lemonade topped with Absolut Vodka.

Shakin Jamaican - $8.49  12oz. 
Our signature frozen cappuccino with Kahlua or Baileys topped with whipped cream.

11am - 9:30pm (Longer on extra magic hours nights. Hours subject to change.)
Yes, you read that right - this is the ONLY place to get an alcoholic drink after 9pm in the World Showcase.

While there are other drinks on their menu that would be made better by the addition of some liquor, they are not allowed to add liquor to any of the pre-mixed items, such as the frozen drinks.

2013 Review 
After noticing the alcoholic additions, we had to give these a try (even though it was blazingly hot out). Given the heat, we ordered an Iced Latte with Kahlua and the Tea Breeze. Do you already love iced lattes? You'll love them even more with the addition of these tasty liquors. The Tea Breeze (an Arnold Palmer with vodka) is a welcome drink addition to the park. Sweet and refreshing for the hot summer. These are only 12oz. so it's a bit of a splurge, but if you feel like a refreshing drink or need a caffeine fix, it's worth a glass.

Updated 8/2014


France - Chefs de France


You can't miss this restaurant while walking through the France pavillion. Right out front with large windows that provide a nice view of the pavillion, or a great view of people eating when you walk by.

Kronenbourg 1664 (French beer) - $6.50

An extensive selection of French red and white wines here ranging from $6.95 - $13 a glass. Also available by bottle.

Sparkling Wine
Marquis de Perlade - $8 glass, $45 bottle
Blanc de Blanc - $8 glass, $45 bottle

Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge - $14.50 glass, $84 bottle
Coupe de Champagne Mumm Brut - $14.50

Cafes et Digestifs
Coffee with Grand Marnier and whipped cream - $8
Coffe with a blend of Benedictine and Cognac with whipped cream - $8

Armagnac, Grand Marnier, Clavados Chateaux du Breuil, Cognac Courvoisier, Cognac Fine Champagne V.S.O.P. Remy Martin - $7.75 - $9.75

Specialty Cocktails
St-Germain - Classic blend of sparkling wine, St-Germain and Perrier - $9.75
Coctail des Chefs - Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine with black currant - $9.75
Dubonnet White or Red - sweet or dry vermouth on the rocks - $6
Kir au Cassis - white wine with black currant - $7.25
Kir Royal - champagne with black currant - $16.50
Vermouth Cassis - vermouth with black currant - $7.50
Pernod-Ricard - anise apertif with water over ice - $8.95



France - Drink Stand


Get ready for an unexpected treat, two excellent slushes with top shelf liquor.  Grey Goose Citron and Grand Marnier perform their best impersonations of a frozen lemonade and an orange slush at the gas station.  These two slushes are on par with the delicious margaritas back in Mexico but with their own citrus twist on the original. Here's the bad news, they're served in a plastic martini glass.  Not only does it make you feel like a fool, drinking a slush with a straw out of a martini glass, but it can't be more than about 10oz.

Located lagoon side across from Chefs de France.

Regular Wine
Merlot, Cabernet & Chardonnay - $5.87

Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange SlushRegional Wine
- $6.90
Beaujolais Duboeuf (Red)
Vouvray Savion (White, Sweet)
Rosé Cotes de Provence (Blush)

Premium Wine
Cotes du Rhone J.L. Colombo (Red) - $7.98
Bordeaux Chateau Durandet (Red) - $7.98
Pouilly-Fuissé (White, Medium Dry) - $9.86

Specialty Drinks
Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush - $9.34
Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush - $9.34
Nuvo Sparkling Vodka - $14.88

Champagne Nicolas Feuillate - $12.21
Kir Royal (Champagne & Creme de Cassis) - $12.91

Kronenbourg 1664 (French Beer) - $6.57

Chilled Grand Marnier shot - $6.57
Grey Goose Citron shot - $6.57

Grey Goose Citron SlushPour Quality 
Slushes: Above Average

None at this stand but you can head to the back of the pavillion for a great little pastry shop.

Ah, Paris, the city of lights, representing La Belle Epoque (the beautiful time) era of France from 1870-1910. Take your wine and try to spot the hidden mickey shrub as you wander through the gardens in front of the perfume shop or head inside and do a little shopping. If you're around when 'Serveur Amusant' juggling performer is setting up for a show, stick around and watch a comedic mime delicately stack, and climb, chairs to dizzying heights. There are a few tables & chairs right next to this stand overlooking the lagoon. If you're going to the movie, you are allowed to have a drink while waiting, but not in the main theater.

Slushes are ungodly expensive, but it's a decent amount of top shelf liquor and it tastes great.  While the beer and wine is your typical $6 bucks, the sparkling vodka is around two or three million . . . OK, it's $15 but it might as well be a billion. If anyone has tried the vodka, write in and let us know what you thought (or at least what you were thinking.)

Looking for the recipe for the Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush or the
Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush? Click HERE


Updated 8/2014