Africa - Refreshment Outpost

Drink stand located in "Africa" between China & Germany.

Yuengling - $7
Safari Amber - $7
Bud Light - $6.25
ACE Pineapple Cider - $6

Specialty Drink
Mango Starr Smoothie - $9.50
Mango puree and African Starr Rum.

Frozen Elephant - $9
Frozen Coca-Cola and Amarula Cream Liqueur.

Hot Dogs & ice cream treats

Cute outpost themed area with congo drums just begging to be played. Check out the Coke containers- they'll give you a surprise. There is occasionally a musician playing the congo drums and singing that makes it a fun stop for kids & adults. There are a few chairs & tables across the way by the water.

Safari Amber is the unique beer that is widely available at Animal Kingdom. It is a darker lager, with a sweet taste, but then turns rather hoppy for the aftertaste. If all you drink is Bud Light, this isn't for you.

Mango Starr Smoothie is a delicious mango smoothie - but without a hint of that rich African Starr Rum. If you just want a mango smoothie, you're better off finding one elsewhere for quite a bit less.

As many people have noticed...has Epcot downgraded Africa to a country? At first glance, obviously. But, take a closer look. Africa is actually represented again, by Morocco. Apparently there's a little more love for Africa than everyone thinks.

Updated 6/2015

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