Canada - Beer Cart

Located in front of the gardens near the entrance to Le Cellier. 

Moosehead, Moosehead Light - $8.75 (Souvenir Mug $12.50)

Labatt Blue Light can - $6.75

La Fin Du Monde - $10.25
Trois Pistoles - $10.25
Cherry Ephemere - $9.25

St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat - $8.25
St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout - $8.25

Specialty Drink
Torontopolitan - $8.25
(Iceberg Vodka, Creme de Cassis, triple sec & cranberry juice)

10 Span Chardonnay, California - $6
Acrobat Pinot Noir, Oregon - $6.25

Previously Available
Neige Premiere Apple Ice Wine

Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn

Head back to the 50' waterfall for some fresh Canadian scenery to go along with your fresh Canadian beer.  The 360 degree movie was re-shot, at least partially, for 2008 with Martin Short.  FYI, You're allowed to finish up your beer in the waiting area but it's not allowed in the theater. (Some people have reported back that they got into the theater with their beer. Don't count on it, but you may luck out!)

Moosehead is a hoppier lager with a bitter aftertaste. Labbatt is the Canadian's take on Budweiser . . . I hate to admit this but I think it's better than ours. Lets blame it on it being so cold up there that all they've got to do is ski, ice skate and brew delicious beer.  I guess that makes me feel a little better.

Torontopolitan Review 
We were excited to see this drink added to the cart's menu. Obviously, this looks like it's right up our alley! Unfortunately it was one of the biggest disappointments of a drink we've had with Disney, ever. While cosmopolitans are kind of the wimp in the martini world, these are still martinis. That means you're supposed to taste, savor and enjoy the high quality alcohol that goes into them. This sad excuse of a drink is like Hi-C with a heavy squeeze of lime. Very disappointing for an eight dollar cocktail.

It should be mentioned that the drink stand pours these from a pre-made mix. Hopefully they're handcrafted in the restaurant and poured appropriately inside. Our take on this one: Skip this overpriced kool-aid at the stand.

Unibroue Trois Pistoles Review 
We are happy to report that some fantastic beer has been added to the cart as of September 2011. These 3 Unibroue beers have always been available inside Le Cellier, but now you can enjoy them without an ADR! You can choose from Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly, or Trois Pistoles here, though there are more varieties of Unibroue available at most larger liquor stores. In the mood for a dark beer, we tried the Trois Pistoles. A delicious moderately dark beer with a deep caramel and nutty flavor with hints of nutmeg.

Treat yourself to a Neige Premiere Apple Ice Wine for a special treat. A very sweet wine with a cidery-apple hint to it makes this one of the better ice wines we've tried. Smooth, and satisfying and not too overpoweringly sweet like some ice wines can be. A highly recommended wine to put on your drinking around the world list. **Currently not available**

Updated 8/2014

Reader Comments (4)

It might have been because it was a slow day, but the last time I saw the movie (April 2011) they let us take our beers in with us!

May 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKathleen

Kathleen - Lucky dog! Next time I go to the movie it's with you! :)

This should be updated -- Unibroue is back at the cart, or at least Trois Pistoles and La Fin du Monde are. Also note that Trois Pistoles is a Belgian-style strong dark ale, which is not meant to be "hoppy." And both Trois Pistoles and La Fin du Monde (which is a Belgian style tripel ale) are by far the strongest beer one can get at Epcot. Both are 9% ABV -- about twice the alcohol of a regular beer.

February 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterEduardo Suave

You're exactly right Eduardo, updated. (...and removed the strange part of the review about dark beer normally being hoppy. Strange comment was strange. Dark beer is not normally hoppy.)

- ed.

June 5, 2015 | Registered CommenterPartyThroughTheParks

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