China - Tea Stand

You'll find this little tea stand on the lagoon side of the China pavilion. Aside from a decent assortment of tea, you'll find some rather unusual cocktails.

Specialty Cocktails - $7.50

Mango Gingerita - with vodka and rum

Canto Loopy - with vodka and cantaloupe juice

Peach Snap! - with schnapps

Green Tea Plum Slush - with plum wine

Tipsy Ducks in Love - $8.50
Creamy Cold tea and coffee combo blended with bourbon whiskey and chocolate.

Mango Gingerita & Canto LoopyBeer
Tsing Tao - $6.25
Tsing Tao Pure Draft - $6.25

Plum wine - $4.99

Pour Quality
Average. They free-pour these, so you'll either get a very nice pour, or it'll be just ok.

Pork Buns, Egg Rolls, Cucumber Salad, Ice Creams (Strawberry-Red Bean & Caramel-Ginger)

Pictured here are two of the most sensational Chinese things I've found since I stumbled onto potstickers 20 years ago! The Mango Gingerita (yellow) is for someone who loves ginger. Really loves ginger. (and I was always partial to Mary Ann) The sweet mango and spicy ginger combine to make a very unique beverage. It's obvious this thing was made out of the real stuff instead of some fake flavorant, it's loaded with tiny ginger fibers that release a fresh raw ginger burst as you give your drink a quick chew on its way down. Unfortunately, the recipe has changed recently (2012) and is now missing those ginger fibers that gave this drink it's unique kick. It's still a very savory beverage and likely unlike anything you've ever had before. The Canto Loopy tastes like you stuck a straw into a canteloup, added vodka and enjoyed. You'll enjoy a garden-ie fresh, light, smooth and fruity way to get yourself cooled off in the hot Florida sun. 

Another strange-yet-delicious drink here is the Green Tea Plum Slush. This truly is a hard to describe flavor. A little green tea-y with the punch of the sweet plum wine. Give this one a try - you'll either love it or hate it. We love it.

These drinks are pre-made n/a mixes and they add the liquor on top, so you can order one N/A if you'd like (but why would you?). Not sure you're up for it? Give it a test drive first, they offered us free samples of the mix first to see if we'd like them. It's hard to find such unique drinks anywhere and this tea stand doesn't get the fanboy 'drink hype' it deserves.

6/2/12 Update
Look what we found! A new specialty drink called "Tipsy Ducks in Love", a Hong Kong style Yuan Yang drink - made with creamy Cold Tea and Coffee blended with Bourbon Whiskey and Chocolate. They are already winning on the name alone on this one! We were informed that this drink has very limited availability and is only a short term addition to the menu. 

10/12 Review 
After several evening visits to Epcot and hearing them tell us that they "just sold out", we finally got one, in fact we ordered two! This creamy iced coffee is very much like an iced latte - easy to drink, and provides quite the kick with the nice shot of bourbon and creamy, decadent chocolate aftertaste. We would like to recommend this as a great after dinner dessert drink, but they almost always sell out of it by 6pm! If you want to enjoy this cocktail, get one early - and you should, it's delicious.

Updated 8/2014

Reader Comments (4)

I had the Mango Gingerita when I was in WDW in December...it was fantastic! I always passed by the stand because I assumed they just had tea. Silly me! My mother-in-law tasted mine and went over and got her own, then I went back later and bought a second. Yummy!

March 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Heather - Isn't it unique?!? One of the most overlooked drinks, if not booths, in Epcot. If you like cantaloupe, give the Canto Loopy a try next time!

March 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterPartyThroughTheParks

I tried Tipsy Ducks a few weeks ago. It was very sweet, but good. The whiskey was poured in separately from the otherwise pre-made mix, and was a very generous pour!

June 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoyce

Joyce - Nice. Hopefully they'll have them next time we're there. We love that you can almost always count on China for a "generous" pour!

June 6, 2012 | Registered CommenterPartyThroughTheParks

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