Espresso, Coffee & Pastries Stands

You'll find these "soon to be more popular" coffee stands in between the Italian & United States pavilions, the entrance of World Showcase towards Mexico, between Canada & UK pavilions and in Future World near Ellen's Energy Adventure. While these have always been a decent place to grab a coffee and a donut, they have now expanded their offerings with liquors to compliment your coffee or latte, along with a new cocktail.

Alcoholic Beverages

Coffee - $8.49  12oz.  hot or iced
With your choice of Baileys, Kahlua or Jameson.

Tea Breeze - $8.49   12oz.
Fresh brewed tea and frozen lemonade topped with Absolut Vodka.

Shakin Jamaican - $8.49  12oz. 
Our signature frozen cappuccino with Kahlua or Baileys topped with whipped cream.

11am - 9:30pm (Longer on extra magic hours nights. Hours subject to change.)
Yes, you read that right - this is the ONLY place to get an alcoholic drink after 9pm in the World Showcase.

While there are other drinks on their menu that would be made better by the addition of some liquor, they are not allowed to add liquor to any of the pre-mixed items, such as the frozen drinks.

2013 Review 
After noticing the alcoholic additions, we had to give these a try (even though it was blazingly hot out). Given the heat, we ordered an Iced Latte with Kahlua and the Tea Breeze. Do you already love iced lattes? You'll love them even more with the addition of these tasty liquors. The Tea Breeze (an Arnold Palmer with vodka) is a welcome drink addition to the park. Sweet and refreshing for the hot summer. These are only 12oz. so it's a bit of a splurge, but if you feel like a refreshing drink or need a caffeine fix, it's worth a glass.

Updated 8/2014

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