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Epcot has the largest variety of drinks available on Disney property. From a Limoncello in Italy to a fine French wine to aged Mexican tequila to scotch on the rocks in the UK, there's something here to satisfy everyone.

Check out the Fun & Games section for our unique points-based Drink Around The World game.

Are the drink stands & bars open during Extra Magic Hours? Yes! They do begin closing up shop around an hour or so before close.

Looking for information on the World Showcase Wine Walk? Looking for a drink after 9pm?

2011 Food & Wine Reviews here.

Following posts are in alphabetical order.

*There are now 2 full-service bars in Epcot (UK & Italy). Pour Quality will also apply to mixed slushes, margaritas, etc. Prices as of 6/2012. Selections & prices subject to change.


Germany - Sommerfest

Small counter service restaurant located in the back of the pavillion.

Radeberger Pilsner - $8.25
Altenmunster Oktoberfest - $8.25 (souvenir mug $12)
Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer - $8.25
Barenjager Honey & Bourbon Shot - $8.50
Schnapps & Shots - $7.50
(Apfelkorn or Jagermeister)
Selbach Riesling - $7.50

(on occasion you may also find Becks or Spaten Oktoberfest here instead)

Aside from brats, they have some tasty & authentic desserts here.

There are some tables inside this open-air area, and a few outside. The entrance to Biergarten is back here as well. See the Beer Stand review for other recommendations.

Updated 8/2014


Germany - Wine Room

The Weinkeller is located directly off the main square by the fountain. Not only is wine available to purchase by the glass or flight, they have several bottles & accessories as well.

Glasses start at $5

Wines of Germany Flights

White Wine Flight - $9.39
2oz. servings of each: Selbach Valckenberg Undone Dry Riesling, Schloss Vollrads Estate Qualitatswein Riesling, Selbach Oster Spatlese Riesling

Red Wine Flight
- $9.39
2oz. servings of each: Grafen Neipperg Lemberger, Kloster Pinot Noir, Valckenberg Dornfelder

Dessert Wine Flight - $14.09
2oz. servings of each: Valckenberg Madonna Auslese, Gunderloch Messidor Beerenauslese, Valckenberg Eiswein

Radeberger & Possmann's Pure Cider

*The wine selections & prices change somewhat regularly.


Artisanal Cheese Plate - $5
Three cheeses, a Cheddar, Brie and Muenster, each paired with a pickle, slice of ham and cracker. This might be the best deal in all of Epcot - the amount of cheese you're getting for $5 is unusually large - the cheese platters for Food & Wine aren't this big. So, enjoy it while it lasts as we're sure they'll realize what they're doing and shrink the cheese or increase the price. 

Small, dark little wine cellar. Lots of wood & crate accents. There are a couple high-top tables particularly for people with wine flights, but anyone can use them. Most often rather crowded, unless you’ve purchased a flight, move on and explore the rest of Germany.

Some excellent wines here. If you like sweeter wines, this is your place. Reasonable prices for what you get. Don’t miss the hot Glühwein (Glow Wine) during the holiday months - it’s a tasty German tradition, and my Epcot Christmas traditions now include a cup or two!

6/2012: We recently enjoyed a wine flight because the Ice Wine that we wanted to try was $7 itself for one glass, so we opted for the flight because it was a better deal. Three glasses for $9 or one of ice wine for $7? Flight please! We chose
Gunderloch "Diva" Spatlese Riesling, Madonna Liebfraumilch, and the Schmitt Sohne Eiswein. The ice wine was very sweet, and makes an excellent after dinner treat. The other two were rather similar, lightly sweet & just slightly dry.

There are several specialty and unique liquors and wines availble for purchase here, and here's a fun one we spotted on a recent visit: Kammer Williams Pear Brandy - with a pear inside!

The label reads: "This pear grew naturally inside this bottle. Already in spring bottles are tied up with wires on pear trees. Pears then grow inside the bottle during the year. Make sure, that pear is always covered with Kammer Williams". You can take this unique brandy home with you from Epcot for $72. Yeah, not cheap, but I imagine it's very delicious! Anyone want to buy us a bottle?

Updated 8/2014


Italy - Drink & Snack Stand

Variety of beer, wine & other drinks along with authentic Italian snacks & desserts. Located on the main pathway, in front of the perfume shop.

Moretti - $7

Bellini - peach puree and prosecco - $10
Prosecco - semi-sweet sparkling wine - $9
Pinot Grigio - $8
Chianti - $8
Italian Sangria - $7.50
Fior D'Arancio - $8
Corbinello - $8

Slush Drinks
Italian Margarita - frozen Limoncello and tequila - $10

Menu at the Nearby Donkey Cart
Prosecco - $9
Moscato - $8
Corbinello - $8
Sambuca - $9
Limoncello - $9
Orangecello - $9

Pour Quality 

A delectable assortment of Italian pastries & desserts

There's a great little area over by the lagoon to hang out. This area is often reserved for private parties, especially at night for Illuminations. No shade here, so it's best enjoyed once the sun starts to set.

When I feel like splurging, I go for a Bellini. This bubbly, pink concotion in a plastic champagne glass always gets looks and numerous "where did you get that" from other women. If you're watching your wallet, there are cheaper wines over in the wine room in Italy. The Italian Margarita is another unique treat here. Similar to a regular margarita, but with a lemony twist. More lightly sweet & refreshing compared to a regular margarita.
Italian Margarita

Updated 8/2014



Italy - Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

This Wine Cellar is connected to Tutto Italia and right next door to Via Napoli. The simple maroon awning and heavy dark wood doors open to welcome you into this hidden wine treasure room. Along with a massive selection of wine, unique liqueurs and beer, this is also a full-service bar with standard liquor available.

The list of wines here is one of the largest we've seen (over 200), so any fine wine connoisseur or a wine novice will find something they will love. We're not even going to try to list every single one, but know that select wines are available by glass, starting at $7 and most are available only by bottle, with some bottles priced over $200.

Wine Flights - $14-18 (2oz. pours)
A variety of wine flights are available as well including champagne, whites, reds, and even a dessert flight that pairs one wine with 3 different delectable desserts. Each wine flight consists of 3 different wines. 

Best of Italy Wine Flight - $26
Includes a pallet cleaning glass of Prosecco, and includes 2 wines of the day. (2oz. pours)

The Grand Tour Wine Flight - $29
The Grand Tour gives you six wines to explore Italy in depth. (2oz. pours)

Cocktails & Liqueurs


Spritz - $9
White wine and a splash of sparkling mineral water with a lemon twist.

Campari & Soda - $11

Cynar & Soda - $11
With a slice of orange.

Carpano Punt E Mes - $11
With a slice of orange.

Special Italian Sangria - Glass $8 | Pitcher $20
A refreshing blend of Italian wine and fresh fruit.

Americano - $13
Campari, sweet vermouth, club soda with an orange twist.

Bellini - $12
White peach and raspberry puree, Prosecco.

Bruschetta Martini - $14
Oraganic crop tomato vodka, Martini Rossi Dry Vermouth.

Espresso Coffee Martini - $14
Vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, Italian espresso.

Frizzante - $14
Campari, mandarin juice, Prosecco.

Italian Margherita - $12
Patron Silver, Caravella Limoncello, fresh lime juice.

Martini Your Way
- $14

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan - $14
Citrus vodka, triple sec liqueur, pomegranate juice.

Red Passion - $14
Campari, grapefruit juice.

Rossini - $14
Strawberry puree, Prosecco.

Sicilian Ice Tea - $14
Amaro Averna, Caravella Orangecello, lemon juice.

Amari E Liquori
Averna Amaro - $9
Semi-bitter with bittersweet taste that is velvety and warm on the palate.

Cynar - $9
Artichoke liqueur.

Disaronno Amaretto - $9
Bittersweet almond taste that reflects the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits.

Fernet Branca - $9
A bitter aromatic made from over 40 herbs and spices.

Luxardo Amaretto Di Saschira - $10
Attractive sweet almond, caramel and orange aromas. Enticing, flavorful finish. Sweet, but balanced.

Montenegro - $10
Orange peel, fresh coriander, red cherry, pekoe tea and cucumber, palate is sweet and botanical.

Ramazzotti Amaro Liqueur 60 - $9
Smooth and delicate taste; perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

Caravella Orangecello - $9
Cloudy orange-peel appearance, fresh citrus zest aromas with a distinctly sweet orange quality; syrupy and sweet, with a strong orange blossom character.

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur - $10
Toasted wild hazelnuts with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate.

Capri Natura Lemon Liqueur - $8
Intense lemon verbena and merringue flavors, crisp finish.

Luxardo Limocello Liquor - $8
Fresh, bitterly sour scents of lemon zest. Tastes of delightfully lemony-citrusy sour; the aftertaste is long, lemony and sweet-sour.

Marcati Limoncello - $8
Natural lemon and citrus flavors, sweet lush finish.

Villa Marzia Limoncello - $10
Tart, lemony and citric bouquet that features keen smells of lemon zest and fresh lemon juice with a juicy and intense lemon finish.

Averna Sambuca Di Licorice - $9
Combination of star anise and licorice that produces an invigorating Sambuca.

Averna Sambuca Di Sicilia - $9
Natural spirits infused with Sicilian lemons and other natural fruits that introduce a fresh citrus taste.

Borghetti Sambuca - $9
Pure with a smooth palate and a soft finish.

Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari - $9
Clear, spicy, heavy anise aromas. A touch drier than expected, thick mouthfeel and a lingering finish of intense anise.

Sambuca Basilica Nera - $10
Italian liqueur flavored with anise, elderberries, sugar and a secret combination of herbs and spices giving a unique licorice taste.

Batasiolo Grappa Barolo - $12
Apple blossoms and orange peel, the flavors continue to evolve well into the finish.

Batasiolo Grappa Moscato - $12
Full dry flavor, savory with considerable body, concentrated blend of citrus aromas, delicious.

Candolini Grappa Ruta - $9
Aromatized by infusion of oil from Ruto Plant and addition of Ruta twig that enhances digestive properties.

Castello Banfi Grappa - $10
Brunello di Montalcino, aromatic and complex with a long finish.

Fantinel Sup Grappa Refosco - $15
Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, concentrated fragrance with elegant palate and a fine amber color.

Fantinel Sup Grappa Tocai - $15
Friulano Tocai, a distinctive nose and a dry superior palate.

Marcati Grappa Colli Veneti - $8
Dry and intense, aromatic flavor of herbs and flowers, bright and fresh finish.

Michele Ciarlo Grappa Gavi - $18
A smooth, balanced grappa with elegant nutty and floral notes.

Michele Chiarlo Grappa Nebbiolo - $18
A smooth, balanced grappa with an earthy, slightly bitter almond quality.

Nonnino Grappa Lo Chardonnay - $16
A bouquet of bread crust, vanilla and pastry with subtle hints of chocolate and almonds.

Poli Grappa Sarpa Di Poli - $16
Delicate aromas of fresh herbs, mint, rose petals and geranium, rustic yet smooth with a generous finish that keeps giving.

Poli Grappa Torcolata - $20
Aromas of dates, dried apricots, raisin, honey and sweet spice, rich and persistent.

Stock 84 Brandy - $9
Smooth and mellow flavors. It has a soft aroma with a very faint fruitiness.

Vecchia Romagna - $10
Full flavor with a very smooth, sweet finish.

Ue Di Decennale Brandy - $20
Light, floral with fruit notes; both fragrant and refreshing. 

Moretti - Draft $9 | Bottle $9 | Pitcher $22
Clean, bright golden, slightly hoppy with a hearty light flavor and a short clean finish.

La Rossa - Draft $9 | Bottle $9 | Pitcher $22
Key ingredient is hops; variety used is particularly aromatic, giving a characteristic bitter after taste and delicate fragrance to the beer.

Birra Amiata - Draft $12
Contessa Pale Ale 

Birra Amiata - Draft $12
Tuscan Chestnut Ale

La Nove - Draft $12

Tutto Gusto - Draft $10
Coffee Porter

Build Your Own Beer Flight - $18
Choice of any four.

Pour Quality
Above Average

A "I've died and gone to Italian cuisine heaven" selection of meats, cheeses, pastas, desserts and more. They have changed their menu recently and instead of choosing items a la carte, you now choose from "Gusto Plates for 2 or more". Each selection consists of 3 different items, and prices for these plates run from $24-$29. Ouch. We liked it better when we could pick the individual items we wanted. No more ordering just cheese. There is also a selection of pastas, panini sandwiches and desserts. 

Walk up to the heavy, dark wood doors and a friendly greeter will welcome you. If you want a table, you may have to wait, but if you want a drink at the bar you can go right inside. The Wine Cellar truly lives up to its name as it feels like you've actually gone down into a dark, old-fashioned cellar. Brown stucco walls with breakouts of brick accents add to the charm of the bar. Wraught iron candle holders can be found on the walls, as well as chandeliers with grape-shaped accents. The bar itself runs along the back wall with dark wood and shiny brass accents. No stools or chairs at the bar. There is a variety of seating options, from tables for 2-8, to high-tops to a comfy couch area with a real fireplace. There is a deli counter that houses the meats, cheeses and desserts. In the back corner of the cellar, there are 2 full wall height wine cabinets. The themeing is exceptional and Disney has taken it to another level. Once inside the cellar, you could easily forget you are in the middle of a theme park.

We were able to stop by on the first day of operation, May 1, 2012 to do some research on this new bar. We ordered a glass of Moscato which was lightly sweet and crisp. We also tried the Americano cocktail (Campari, sweet vermouth, club soda with orange twist). A very bitter, sharp drink thanks to the Campari, but with a crisp citrusy orange spark at the end. Not a drink for every palette, but if you enjoy a drier, bitter liquor, give this a try.

We also tried an assortment of dishes to go with our drinks. We ordered the 3 Choices for $14 and chose: Bufala (Neapolitan style Mozzarella), Cacciatorini (Beef and pork, black pepper, garlic, spiced dry wine), and Robiola (Aromatic, tangy, cheese with a fruity finish). We also ordered the
Insalata di Mare Trapanese (Shrimp, squid, octopus, lemon, extra virgin olive oil) for $11. Our thoughts? Exquisite. Quite possibly some of the finest food we've had at Epcot yet, and even rivals other fine Italian restaurants in Orlando. This place isn't meant to be an option for a dinner, (you'd go broke filling up), but a great stop for an appetizer or dessert on your trip around the world. Overall, we highly recommend Tutto Gusto and can't wait to try more items. Look forward to more drink and small plates reviews to come in the future. 

Updated 1/13


Italy - Tutto Italia Ristorante

Located in the far back corner of Italy adjoining the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar.

Moretti - draft or bottle $9
La Rossa - draft or bottle $9
Bud Light - draft $8 | bottle $7
Amiata Contessa - draft $12

Bellini - $12
Prosecco, white peach and raspberry puree.

Rossini - $14
Prosecco, strawberry puree.

Campari & Soda - $11

Frizzante - $14
Campari, mandarin juice, prosecco.

Carpano Punt e Mes - $11
Vermouth with an orange slice.

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan - $14
Citrus vodka, pomegranate juice.

Red Passion - $14
Campari, grapefruit, soda.

Italian Margherita - $12
Limoncello, Grappa.

Espresso Coffee Martini - $14
Vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, Italian espresso.

Americano - $13
Campari, sweet vermouth, club soda with a slice of orange.

Bruschetta Martini - $14
Organic crop tomato vodka, Cinzano dry vermouth.

Sicilian Ice Tea - $14
Amaro Averna, Caravella Orangecello, lemon juice.

Italian Sangria - Glass $8 | Pitcher $20
A refreshing blend of Italian wine and fresh fruit.

Coffee Drinks
Espresso Coffe Martini - $12

Wine & Champagne
A large selection of white, red and sparkling wines available by glass and bottle.

View Tutto Italia's Dinner Menu, Lunch Menu and Wine Menu.


Italy - Via Napoli

©DisneyTucked in the back of the Italy pavilion at Epcot you'll find their latest restaurant addition, Via Napoli. Dine on wood-fired pizzas,other authentic Italian eats, and specialty Italian beer only available here.


Moretti - Imported Italian Lager - Mug $10  |  Pitcher $30
Bud Light - Mug $8  |  Pitcher $22
La Rossa - Amber-colored double malt Italian lager - Mug $12
Artisanal Italian Craft Birra - Glass $11
Only available at Via Napoli.

Featured Wines by the Glass
Pinot Grigio - Paladin - Glass $9
Campofiorin Masi - Glass $12

Signature Drinks
Sangria -
$9 glass/$25 pitcher
A refreshing blend of Italian wine & fresh fruit. White or Red.

- $12
Peach puree, Prosecco sparkling wine.

Rossini -
Strawberry puree, Prosecco sparkling wine.

Lemon Drop -
Vodka and Limoncello over shaved ice.

Sicilian Sunset -
Vodka, Orangecello, orange & pineapple juces over shaved ice.

Tiramisu Martini -
Vanilla vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, Espresso, cream & cocoa.

Espresso Martini -
Made with Lavazza Espresso.

Cannoli Martini - $11
Biscotti liqueur, cream, chocolate and crushed cannoli shell.

Via Vesuvio - $14
Blood orange vodka, Prosecco, raspberries.

Mimosa - $12
Orange juice, Prosecco sparkling wine.

Frozen Italian Margarita - $14
Limoncello, Grappa, fresh line juice.

An extensive selection of red, white and sparkling wines here ranging from $5 - $13 a glass. Also available by bottle.

Wood-fired pizzas, pastas and other deep-fried Italian delights.

We lucked out one night as a walk-up and got a table within 15 minutes. Since this was our first visit, we wanted to try drinks that were special to the restaurant. We decided on the house Sangria and La Rossa beer. The Sangria is a lighter style than a regular sangria. It tasted like it had a good helping of OJ mixed in because it was suspiciously too orange-citrusy. A lighter, different take on sangria. If you're not a fan of the richer, deeper-flavored ones, like Morocco's, this would be a good choice for you. Less like red wine, more like a wine-oj cocktail. Tasty, but we both prefer the richer flavored sangrias. La Rossa beer is slightly dark, moderately hoppy with a smooth nutty flavor. A nice match for the pizza...speaking of pizza, we both were rather unimpressed. Very simple, and not much flavor - from the sauce or the toppings. It was perfectly fine, just nothing exciting. We both knew that this wasn't your typical American-style pizza, but we didn't think it'd be that flavorless and boring. It definitely is the best pizza on Disney property, but we all know that really isn't saying much. Next time we'll try some appetizers and salad...and the Napolitini.

Updated 8/2014


Italy - Wine Room

Enoteca Wine Room is located directly off the main walkway. Wine is available by the glass, flight or a bottle to take home. Wine accessories & gifts available too.

Glasses range from $5.63 to $9.39
Flights are $9.39 and $14.09
Other Italian liquors, such as ice cold Limmoncello, can be found here too.

None, but there is a chocolate shop right next door with pocket-change prices!

Small & crowded! Barely room for 2 people deep. Good luck not spilling as you squeeze your way out. No lack of pretty places to hang out in this pavilion. Go out towards the lagoon and have a great view of the showcase & see the display of gondolas sitting in the water. Or grab a little metal patio table outside of the wine room and relax while people watching. It’s a very busy area back in Italy, so there’s always something going on. A few times during the day, you can find a Streetmosphere performance. If you like chocolate, don't miss the candy shop next door. Dozens of rich, decadent, Italian chocolates sold by the piece. For the licorice connoisseur, look for an interesting Italian take on your favorite candy by Amerelli that's simply called "pure licorice." Tiny black hard candy squares that are potent enough to take your breath away.

We're not as big a fan of Italian wines as we are of the German ones. At least the ones available here tend to be very dry without much flavor.


Updated 8/2014


Japan - Kabuki Cafe

This shaved ice stand is like an oasis during the summer months. Pick up some shaved ice to go along with the beer or sake served here.

Plum Wine - $6.47
Sake - $6.47 - served hot or cold
Kirin Draft - $8
Kirin Frozen - $8.25
Kirin Light - $6
Asahi - $8.68
Sapporo - $8.68


Kakigori - $3.75 - Japanese shaved ice with fruit flavors: strawberry, melon, cherry, tangerine or rainbow.

They also have assorted sushi, edamame and ice cream.

The tiny shaved-ice cart went through a major overhaul and emerged as a full-fledged beverage stand. The menu has expanded to include more snacks and drinks which we think is a great addition to World Showcase. 

Asahi beer tastes like what you get in a giant red cup at a cheap frat party. We think Milwaukee's Best is actually better. God awful.

Updated 8/2014


Japan - Katsura Grill

Located up the stairs behind the tower, you'll find this counter service restaurant with a beautiful outdoor dining area.

Kirin Draft Beer (20oz.) - $8
Kirin Light - $6
Sapporo Draft Beer (20oz.) - $8
Sake - cold or hot - $6.47
Plum Wine - $6.47

A small selection of typical Japanese dishes. Sushi is available here as well. The Beef Udon is one of our favorites.

Tucked away in the back corner, you almost forget you're at a theme park. The thick trees, waterfall, and Japanese paper lantern lighting make this a great place to get away and relax. It's busy during meal times, but in between it's usually pretty empty. Romantic little hideout at night.

Kirin is a nice smooth lager, with little aftertaste. The plum wine is sweet, but not too sweet. If you want sake, the sake bar inside the Mitsukoshi store has more to choose from. The sushi here is nothing special for the high price. I've had much better from my local grocery store. However, the Udon dishes (particularly the beef) are a tasty, flavorful meal or snack for two - we highly recommend this one. 


Updated 8/2014


Japan - Outdoor Sake Bar

You no longer have to go to the back of the Mitsukoshi store to find a sake bar - they've added a second more conveinent location to pick up a cup of this unique beverage. Located outside right in the middle of the pavilion between Yakitori House and the Katsura Grill. 

Sake & Plum Wine 
Junmai - $7.98
Ginjyo - $9.98
Daiginjyo - $10.50
Nigori (unfiltered) - $7.98
Sake (cold or hot) - $6.47
Sparkling - $7.98
Plum Wine - $6.47

Sake Flight - $12.95
Includes Junmai, Daiginjo, Nigori

Frozen Strawberry - $8.22
Green Tea Colada - $8.22
Tokyo Sunset - $8.50
Made with coconut rum, peach schnapps, banana liqueur and pineapple juice.

Unfortunately, the flavored Sake Cocktails have been removed. 

Kirin Frozen Draft - $8.25
Kirin Draft - $8
Sapporo Draft - $8
Kirin Light - $6
Asahi Super Dry - $8.68
Sapporo Premium - $8.68

There's a cart with unique Japanese snacks right next to the bar in case you would like some Squacks (that's squid snacks) to go with your sake.

Although it is just a walk-up counter, they did an excellent job themeing the building to fit in with the rest of the pavilion. There's no room to "hang-out" inside the bar area after getting your drink, but they did put up a couple high-top tables around the sides of the building. If you are familiar with the Japanese pavilion at all, you will already know where you want to sit, explore or shop after getting your cocktail. Wander over to the Koi Pond, that's one of our favs.

This is a popular place already, and with one bartender slinging drinks, the lines get long. A lot of care goes into the pouring and presentation of the drinks - our bartender fiddled with the little drink umbrella getting it just right before placing it delicately in our drink. We expect the umbrellas to be gone soon. On to the drinks!

The Lime Sake Cocktail (no longer available) 
is an interesting twist on a lime-flavored drink. Very similar to a margarita that's missing that tangy, sour zing and tequila, this light, crisp, lime-y drink is a refreshing hit that is heavy on the sake. These Sake Cocktails only contain the bar's choice of sake with a flavoring agent. They are poured by hand, so strength will change by bartender. Even though it wasn't heavy on the sake flavor, ours had a "healthy" pour of the good stuff - which didn't overpower the taste of the lime. These Sake Cocktails might be a good way for a newbie to sake to give it a try, as the sake they use is a mild-flavored variety.

We also gave the Tokyo Sunset another try. We weren't too thrilled with it a year ago, and unfortunately it hasn't improved much. If you are looking for a more sour than sweet, heavy on pineapple, cocktail with a hint of alcohol for $9.50, this is your drink. This left us with a sour stomach, which is never a sign of a good drink.

The Orange Sake Cocktail (no longer available) is next on our research list at this fine establishment. This drink is like an orange creamsicle in a cup - for adults! This mix of sake plus what we assume is the same orange puree that is used in other drinks on Disney property, make this one smooth, creamy and decadent beverage. You almost forget that there's sake in here - almost. We got a rather healthy pour of over half the glass for this one. A recommended drink on your trip around the world. (This time the wind didn't steal my umbrella!)

Updated 8/2014