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During the Food & Wine Festival, sample small plates of unique eats, specialty cocktails and perfectly paired wines at a multitude of food booths representing different countries. Choose from a variety of culinary classes, demonstrations, events and tastings to take part in to expand your culinary trip around the world.

Here, along with the basic information you need to know, you'll find our regularly updated reviews on the food, with a special emphasis on drinks, because you KNOW no one will cover the cocktails better than PTTP!

Do you still want more out of your Food & Wine trip? Check out our Drink Around the World game.

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Taste, Shake & Indulge Like the French - Special Festival Experience

Taste, Shake, and Indulge Like the French

The "No. 1" French liqueur, Grand Marnier, family owned and operated since 1827, offers the unique experience to taste its range of exceptional Cognac-based liqueurs. Following the tasting, become your own mixologist and learn how to muddle and shake like a pro, and later indulge in the famous Crepês Suzette and Soufflés Glacés au Grand Marnier made by the chefs of Bistro de Paris. Bistro de Paris, France Pavilion

  • Times: TBA
  • Dates: TBA
  • Price: TBA (Theme park admission is required.)

We attended this "Special Experience" on Oct. 9, 2010, and here's our Review:
Long story short, $45 for a couple of cordials (3 1oz. shot glasses (not your standard 1.5oz. shot glass), 1 50ml mini-bottle and a 4oz. mimosa) and a snack over an hour and fifteen minute presentation on the history of Grand Marnier while you sit with strangers at a table for six doesn't cut it. This price range demands a much more comprehensive, high-end experience. This is more than enough for a nice dinner at any of the pavilions' main restaurants; we highly suggest spending your time and money at any of them (even Nine Dragons!) instead.

So, after reading the polite PR spiel are you wondering what we really thought? This was the worst, most over-priced liquor related event PTTP has ever had the displeasure of attending. We were upset with value from this amount of liquor in a single $13 HHN specialty drink; how do you think we feel about it for $45?! If you do the math that's $10/shot and $5 for a single crepe. You've been warned - don't waste your money. But for the pseudo-aficionado I'm sure this event still offers some sort of entertainment. If that's you, enjoy. For the real connoisseur, I'll see you in the tequila bar. And no, not the equally over-priced tequila "tasting", the real bar. Skip these tourist-trap F&W gimmicks.