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Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2011

"Party on as those two most excellent dudes return to skewer the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture." - Universal Orlando Official Description

Located in Fear Factor Live Stage.

This cult fan favorite live-action comedy/dance show returns staring Bill & Ted as they rely on pop-culture icons over the past year to save them from whatever trouble they have gotten themselves into this time - which is the basic theme every year. This is a crass, loud and adult themed show, so if you are lacking a sense of humor, this isn't for you - but for the rest of us it's a don't miss, simply because it's not HHN if you don't see it. Speaking of loud, they have clearly turned down the volume this year, likely because of the new apartments behind the park.

The pop culture icons they chose to include this year are strange. We expected Charlie Sheen would have a big part, but he didn't, just a small role at the end. The girls from SuckerPunch? Really? Did anyone actually see that? The writing and jokes fall flat this year as we found ourselves getting bored with only a couple laughs.

The highlight is the pumped-up dance routines throughout the show and at the end. The actors do a great job with what they're given so thanks to them.

Compared to previous year's shows: 4/10

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