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Specialty Cocktails, Beer & Food - HHN 23

Signature Cocktail
Dead Walker
 - $10 (in 20oz. souvenir glass) 
Featuring Full Throttle Energy Drink.

Mixed Drink - $10 (in souvenir glass)
Available Liquor: Don Q Rum, Russian Standard Vodka, Margaritaville Tequila, Early Times Bourbon, Canadian Mist Whiskey

All Mixed Drink Refills & non-souvenir glass drinks - $7

House Red or White - $6

Draft Beer
Miller Lite - $9 souvenir glass, $6 refill or non-souvenir glass

Yuengling - $9.50 souvenir glass, $6.50 refill or non-souvenir glass

Bottled/Canned Beer
Available at select carts throughout the park and in queues, selection varies by cart: Smirnoff Ice, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Yuengling, Fosters and Red Stripe

Bottle of pre-mixed Jose Cuervo Margarita - $7
Available at most carts throughout the queues and select drink stands.

DeKuyper Shots
Washington Apple or Kamikaze

Jello Blood Bags - $6
Sex on the Beach flavored.

This year's Signature Drink is named the same as last year's drink since the theme is still The Walking Dead, hence the Dead Walker. But, yet again, don't worry - you won't be turning into a zombie after consuming a few of these. We much preferred last year's Dead Walker which was a mix of fruit juices compared to this year's where they brought back the energy drink ingredient. The Full Throttle gives is a sour punch at the end, but is still easy to drink but you'll fill up drinking these long before you feel any alcoholic kick from them. 

We still stand by the rule that beer is your best value for your money at these events. If you order a regular mixed drink, watch them carefully to make sure you get a fair pour - the souvenir glasses are supposed to be doubles, but we've caught several bartenders pouring a single. Speak up - it's your money and you're only asking for what is the correct and fair pour. 

Duff's Brewery and Moe's Tavern is open during HHN and is a nice spot to take a break from the event. They will not refill your HHN specialty glass with Duff beer, but there's nothing stopping you from ordering one and pouring it in yourself. 

Souvenir Glasses
The signature souvenir plastic cup is 20oz., and since the regular mixed drinks are $7 and a souvenir refill is $7, if you plan on having a few it's better off to go with the souvenir cup. However, we measured the regular plastic beer cup versus the souvenir cup and there is just slightly more beer (about .5oz-ish) in the regular non-souvenir cup for beer. So if you plan on drinking only beer all night, there's no point in getting the souvenir cup, unless you want to be blinky! 

Bar & Food Stands

Bar and food stands are located throughout the park for the event. In addition to these stands, Mel's "Die-In", Monster's Cafe outdoor bar, Finnegan's, Chez Alcatraz, the Bakery and the new Simpsons counter service will be open during the event.

This bar is located at the front of the park across from the bakery.

These bar and food booths are located in the Kids Zone area.

Bar & food locations can be found back by the former Amity restrooms/Bill & Ted area.

This one is back between the new Harry Potter bridge and San Francisco but only serves bottled beer, no alcohol.

Bar located in front of the Disaster attraction.

Here's a food stand & bar located at the intersection across from the Beetlejuice theater.

This is a new spot this year. You'll find these at the end of the New York area, near the entrance to Twister.

This is another new spot, located at the intersection by Twister & Monster's Cafe.

You'll find these in the Rockit plaza.

Food & bar booths are subject to change locations, be removed or have new locations added during the course of the event.

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