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Howl-O-Scream Rumor Mill

The rumors are basically over, but I wanted to post a couple awesome videos by Busch Garden's own HOS Insider. HOS Insider has a YouTube channel to find more videos from this event, including some fun "Behind the Music" style ones about the band.


Deathrow Vengeance:

Nightshade Toys:


Just one of the reasons we fell in love with HOS last year? The awesome party vibe throughout the entire event. There were two DJ booths spinnin hits that I dare you not to dance to (especially after a couple). The good news is that they are back, and with the addition of the twice nightly performance by My X, this is gonna be one scary rockin' party! The DJs can be found this year in the Timbuktu area by Desert Grill and over by the Crown Colony restaurant. Last year they also had some crazy green lasers making patterns in the fog above you as you walked down the paths - we love lasers. Especially green ones. We hope those return. Anyway, the My X concert will reportedly be doing two performances nightly, at 10:30 and midnight.

Also back is their 21+ club, Club X, that they charged a cover for last year, but it looks like they learned their lesson, since this year it is free to get in. We got in free at the end of the night last year anyway because it was empty. Last year we did get a private fashion show by Ms. Vayne, and this year they say there will be "appearances by Howl-O-Scream's most terrifiying celebrities". Neat.


Well the speculation is over! The full website has opened with information on all houses, scarezones, shows and more. Check it out at MyXRocks.com


Looks like HOS will be turning up the party atmosphere this year! A concert by My X and DJs spinnin' all night? (I assume that you're keeping the DJs, right?!?) That's what we call taking the party to the next level!

We've just received the release of My X's music video. Great production quality - looks mainstream. 

HOS billboards are now starting to pop up around town as well. You can keep up with Sylvie at her facebook and myspace pages. There's some interesting info here. Like her background of getting into the rock band (her lead-singing boyfriend went missing mysteriously and now she's lead)...hmmm. 


New updates to the official HOS site now include the Rockin' Updgrades page. There are 3 different categories available: Dinner & Show, Fear Packages and VIP Packages. But forget that, the interesting part is what upgrades they include: a "Blood Relations" show, and "VIP Section at My X Concert". So it sounds like we'll get a performance by Sylvie herself! My guess for the location would be Gwazi park, but we'll see.


Yesterday afternoon the official website was updated to introduce us to the icon of the event. We met Sylvie, head rocker of the band My X. She's on twitter @SylvieMyX so follow her for updates and interesting conversations. Only released so far have been band photos and some music.  

According to several sources, this looks to be the line-up for the houses this year:

  • Taste of Blood
  • Trapped in the Walls
  • Death Row Vengence
  • Delta Epsilon Delta
  • Nightshade Toy Factory
  • Reconstruction
  • NEW: My Ex-Revenge Rocks
  • NEW: Alone

Sounds like there will be all new scarezones as well. Fiends will be returning and the Desert Grill will be getting a new show.

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