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Specialty Cocktails, Beer & More at Howl-O-Scream 2011 

At Howl-O-Scream you will find several Food & Beverage stands set up throughout the park that sell a variety of beer (draft and bottle) and snacks. If you are looking for specialty cocktails or hard liquor, your options are more limited. Mixed drinks & Specialty Cocktails can be purchased at Club Virus, Crown Colony Pub, Carni Bar and at the Dessert Grill entrance.

If you have a Busch Gardens annual pass you get 10% off your drinks!

Food & Beverage Tents
Bottled Beer:
Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra, Corona, Bacardi Sangria

Draft Beer:
Budweiser or Bud Light
(More draft beer options available at restaurants, such as AmberBock & Florida Avenue at Zambia Smokehouse.)

Beer Yard - $13.99 (Yard Strap $1.99)
Beer Yard Refill - $6.99
21oz. Beer - $7.69
Aluminum Bottles - $7.69/$7.99
Bacardi Sangria - $6.99
Carni Bar
Full-service bar located in the arcade area by the Dessert Grill.

Specialty Drinks:
Zombie "Test" Tubes - $7.99 | $9.99 Souvenir Cup | $6.99 Souvenir Refill
Dare your favorite Flare: Cherry, Lime, Strawberry, Blackberry, Mango or Pineapple Coconut

Zombie Chiller - $7.99 | $9.99 Souvenir Cup | $6.99 Souvenir Refill
Specially blended flavors of vodka, orange, lemonade and splash of fizz.

Zombie Bombs - $7.99 (served only until 11pm)
Jagermeister and Rockstar. 

Premium Mixed Drinks - $9.99 in souvenir cup | $6.99 souvenir cup refill
Single shots only.  

House Wine - $6.99 | $8.99 souvenir cup | $5.99 souvenir cup refill 

Yard of Beer - $13.99 | $6.99 Yard Refill | $1.99 Yard Strap 

Bottled Beer
Budweiser & Bud Light - $7.69
Bud Light Lime - $7.99
Bacardi Sangria - $6.99
Your choice of Specialty Glass for your drink. Choose from a yellow or purple glow cup, a glow Martini or (not pictured) glow skull cup.

The Zombie "Test" Tubes have, quite possibly, the coolest presentation we've ever seen. They have an iridescent swirl to them as they are mixing. Howl-O-Scream wins on drink presentation this year!

Check out the video to see them swirl! So cool!

Crown Colony Pub
Located across from Cheetah Hunt. The same specialty drinks are available here, along with other liquors of choice and beer.

Club Virus
Located at the front of the park. Enjoy the same specialty cocktails at this full-service bar along with dancing, character meet & greets and dance-club music at this adults-only club.

Liquid Courage Bar
Located outside of the main case you need some help facing the scares before you go in!

Important Notes: Liquor sales end 30 minutes before the end of the event. One drink per person, per ID.

Zombie Chiller & Yard of BeerReview: We ordered a Zombie Chiller, as is our duty to research & inform you! The Chiller consists of vodka, orange, lemonade and a splash of fizz. A light, fruity drink with a refreshing crisp from the lemonade. A little light on the vodka, but a tasty drink nonetheless.

As far as our thoughts on getting the souvenir cups, if you plan on having a few draft beers that night, go ahead and get the Yard. Same goes for the specialty liquor drinks since the price of the refills is only $7.

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to try the Zombie "Test" Tubes. If you tried one let everyone know what you thought of it in the comments.

Zombie Chiller Recipe
Want to make the Zombie Chiller at home? Well you're in luck - it's rather simple. Here's our best educated guess at the recipe:
2 parts vodka  
2 parts orange juice  
2 parts lemonade  
1 part Sprite

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