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Sci-Fi Dine In

Who doesn't love terrible B level monster movies? Pull up your car, and relax as you get served by car hops as you watch old sci-fi flicks. Located near Star Tours, this unique full-service restaurant at least deserves a peek inside if you don't plan on dining here.

Click here for Sci-Fi Dine In Drink Recipes.

Craft Beer
Orange Blossom Pilsner - $6.25
Blue Point Brewing Co. White IPA - $7.25
Full Sail Sessions Premium Lager - $6.25
Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA - $7.25
Florida Beer Co. Key West Southernmost Wheat - $6.25
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA - $7.25 

Bottled Beer
Heineken, Corona, Michelob Ultra  - $6.25
Stella Artois - $7.25

Draft Beer
Bud Light - $5.75
Yuengling, Kona Longboard, Sam Adams Seasonal - $6.50

Cosmic Concoctions - served with a souvenir glow cube (ask for your drink without the cube for a few dollars off the price)

Magical Star Cocktail - $10.75
Light up your celebration with X-Fusion Organic Mango and Passion Fruit liqueur, Parrot Bay Coconut rum, pineapple juice and a souvenir glow cube.

Orbiting Oreos - $10.75
Oreo shake mixed with Godiva chocolate liqueur.

Long Island Lunar Tea - $9.75
Bacardi Superior rum, Tito's Handmade vodka, Hendrick's, Cointreau and sweet & sour with a splash of Coca-Cola.

Habanero Lime Martian Margarita - $9.75
Patron Silver Tequila, Habanero Lime and house-made sweet & sour.

**Classic Sci-Fi Dine In Cocktails No Longer on the Menu**
Lunar Landing
Amaretto, peach schnapps and orange juice

The Comet
Rum, vodka, gin and tequila topped off with sour mix and cranberry juice

Space Invaders 
A premium blue margarita

Marsha's Martian 
Out-of-this-world creation of chocolate and vanilla shakes mixed with Baileys Irish Cream and Kahlua.

Space Monkey 
A delicious blend of chocolate shake, Parrot Bay Coconut rum and banana liqueur.

A selection of red and white wines ranging from $8 - $11 a glass. Also available by bottle.

White Superfruit Sangria - $8.50
Eppa White Sangria made from organically grown Chardonnay grapes and a blend of Mangosteen, peach, mango and blood orange juices with a hint of natural citrus essences.

Red Superfruit Sangria - $8.50
Eppa Red Sangria made from organically grown grapes and a blend of antioxidant rich pomegranate, blueberry, acai and blood orange juices topped with VeeV acai spirit.

Pour Quality
Just Ok

American fare here, your typical burgers, chicken, steak etc. Let's face it, you don't eat here for the food (it's just ok) you're here for the atmosphere - which is awesome. View the Sci-Fi Dine In's Lunch/Dinner Menu and Dessert Menu.

For those of us who remember going to drive-in movies, this will bring back memories. You sit in car-shaped tables, with everyone facing forward so you can see the movie. It's dark, with cheesy monster movies playing on screen. If you're lucky, your server might even be sportin' roller skates! A fun place that you won't soon forget. There is a car table out in front of the restaurant entrance for photo-ops as well.

We were able to get a walk-up reservation one afternoon and decided to grab a couple Cosmic Concoctions and split an appetizer. After hearing so many glowing reviews of the Space Monkey shake, we knew that was one we had to try. A Marsha's Martian cocktail and an order of Buffalo Potato Skins filled the rest of our order. 

Unfortunately, these "Cosmic Concoctions" tasted more like they came out of your mother's kitchen. While tasty, they were lacking any hint of the specialty liqueurs that is supposed to be included. The Space Monkey is simply a chocolate shake with an essence de banana that would be a great deal for less than $9.50, but for that price it's definitely not out-of-this-universe worthy (nor is it pleasing any monkeys). The Marsha's Martian is an equal let-down in the alcohol department. Get a couple NA kid's vanilla & chocolate shakes and mix them yourself and you'll have this "cocktail" for a significantly better deal. Now don't get us wrong - they are delicious shakes, but not worth the nearly $10 price tag. (And yes, they do come with glow cubes.) 

When you think of a typical order of potato skins, how many skins do you picture? 6? At least 4, right? Well, their Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins arrived with a total of 3 - yes, that's right, 3 potato skins for ten bucks! (Where did the other potato half go?) Who's seen a measly 3 skins on an order before? Once we got past the odd number, the dish was unfortunately boring and bland. The redeeming factor is the tangy dribble of chunky blue cheese dressing that was on top, though it could've used a lot more. On the bright side, the three sticks of celery were nice and fresh!

Updated 5/2013 

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