Whether you're catching a limo to the concert, a Starspeeder to Endor or an elevator to the other side, we'll let you know where to find a satisfying beverage while at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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ABC Commissary

Located near Sci-Fi Dine In. This is a great spot to grab some food, A/C and a cold beer. 

Bud Light - $6
Yuengling - $6.75
Wine - Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Merlot - $6.95

A variety of entrees here including sandwiches, salads and more.

This place is like an oasis in the dessert on one of those hot & humid Florida days. Cold A/C and a very large seating area make this place a great stop to cool off. There are bathrooms inside the restaurant too. You do get bombarded with ABC advertisements for their TV shows on multiple TVs throughout the area, so if you can tolerate that, you're good!

Updated 5/2013


Backlot Express

Located between Indiana Jones & Star Tours. This unique counter service restaurant is designed to look like a prop warehouse for films.  

Bud Light - $6
Yuengling - $6.75
Chardonnay, Merlot, White Zinfandel or Moscato - $6.95

They have a good variety of entrees here. Decent sized portions as well. You can refill your regular beverages here too.

Backlot Express has a good amount of indoor & outdoor seating. This is a very detailed area, when you're done eating take a walk around and read all the signs & posters. The outdoor area has a nice wood, high-top bar that's a nice place to relax on a warm afternoon. Bonus: from the right angle, you can see a little of the Indy Stunt Show.

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Dockside Diner

Located in the Echo Lake area, near Star Tours & American Idol.

Beer - $6-$7.25
Cigar City Jai Alai
Cigar City Maduro
Orange Blossom Pilsner
Key West Sunset Ale
Orlando Brewing Pale Ale

Draft Beer
Bud Light

Specialty Drink
Frozen Lemonade - $8.50
With a shot of Bacardi Silver Rum, Jack Daniels Whiskey or Three Olives Cherry Vodka

A Frankfurter in a Pretzel Roll, Italian Sausage with peppers and onions on French Bread, or Pork Shank.

Just a stand, but The Dockside has some patio seating around the area & near the lagoon, or, umm, dockside. It's a nice place to relax when the weather permits.

Updated 6/2014



Fairfax Fare

Located on Sunset Blvd., the street leading to Tower of Terror & Rock 'N' Roller Coaster.

Draft Beer 
Bud Light - $6
Yuengling - $6.75

Heartier fare here: ribs, chicken, beef, etc. 

Just a counter service location, but there is some covered seating in the area. Not much to look at here.

Updated 5/2013


Fantasmic Hollywood Hills Amphitheater Refreshments

©DisneyGrab some grub and drinks before and during the popular Fantasmic nighttime show. Located at the back of the amphitheater.

Yuengling & Blue Moon Draft - $6.75
Bud Light Draft - $6
Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Merlot - $6.95 

An assortment of popcorn, nachos with cheese, pretzels, chips, desserts & ice cream and more. Feel free to bring in counter service food from elsewhere in the park for the show. 


High Octane Refreshments

Located just to the side of the Studio Catering Co. counter service restaurant. This is one of two places in the park that is a full-service bar, so expect long lines.

Click here for High Octane Drink Recipes.

Wine - $6.95
Sangria - $6.95

Draft - $6-$8
Yuengling, Samuel Adams Seasonal, Miller Lite, Stella Artois, Bud Light & Kona Longboard

Bottled - $5.50-$6.25
Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Corona, Budweiser, Bud Light

Victory Golden Monkey, Magic Hat #9, Cigar City Jai Ali, Fat Tire Amber Ale

Signature Drinks

Margarita - $8.75
Sauza Gold tequila, triple sec, lime juice and sweet & sour.

Rum Runner - $9.75
Myers's Platinum rum, Blackberry brandy, creme de banana, and tropical juices topped with a float of Myers's Original Dark rum.

Strawberry Daiquiri - $9.75
With Bacardi Superior rum.

Pina Colada - $9.75
With Myers's Original Dark rum.

Grand Margarita - $9.75
Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Grand Marnier, sweet & sour and lime juice.

Southern Hurricane - $8.75
Myers's Original Dark rum, Southern Comfort and tropical juices.

Premium Long Island Iced Tea - $8.75
Bacardi Superior rum, Russian Standard vodka, Beefeaters gin, triple sec and sweet & sour topped with Coke.

Blue Sky Lemonade - $12.75
Skyy Infusions Citrus vodka, blue curaco, sweet & sour and Sprite, served with a souvenir glow cube.
(ask for the drink without the cube to save a few bucks)

Pour Quality

Go around the corner to find a decent selection of entrees, or a beer if the line here is too long.

There are a couple tables & chairs out front, but you're baking in the sun here, so go over to the ample covered seating by the restaurant. They have a couple bar stools right at the bar, but I can't imagine these often get used. Not a fun hangout with a line of 30 thirsty people behind you. This turns into a very hot, long line in the summer, and the bartenders are not the quickest. When you finally get your drink, there's a fun gift shop nearby with unique props hanging from the ceiling. One thing to note, on not very busy days this bar often doesn't open up until after lunch time. If you want a Bud Light, Yuengling, Blue Moon, Wine or Sangria and the line at the bar is insane, check the lines right around the corner at Studio Catering Co. - they serve those drinks here as well.

Updated 5/2013


Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant has added a new Lounge section. It's first-come, first-served, with no reservations. Grab a table outside on the patio or from a small section of tables inside the lobby.

There's a walk-up bar in the outdoor area where you can order these fine cocktails, wine or beer to go. The walk-up bar is only able to serve what is on the lounge menu, however, if you get a table, there's no reason you wouldn't be able to order a drink from the standard menu.

Noon - Park close

Specialty Cocktails & Martinis
The Red Carpet - $9.50
Absolut Peppar and Bloody Mary Mix

Side Car - $9.75
Courvoisier VS Cognac, Cointreau and a splash of sweet & sour with a sugared rim.

Mint Gimlet - $9.50
Nolet's Silver Dry Gin, simple syrup, lime juice and mint leaves.

Shelby Mayer - $9.75
Grey Goose Vodka and Dry Vermouth.

Honey Darling - $9
Bombay Sapphire Gin and Dry Vermouth.

Jack Diamond - $9.75
Maker's Mark Bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters.

Ben Appetit - $10.50
Nolet's Silver Gin, X-Rated Fusion liquor, Lemonade, cucumber slices and simple syrup. 

Domestic Beer
Sam Adams - $6.25
Bud Light - $5

Premium Ales & Beer
Corona - $6.25
Bluepoint Blueberry Ale - $7.50
Long Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale - $7.50
Magic Hat #9
Estrella Damm Daura (gluten-free) - $7.75

Citizens of Hollywood - Martini Flight of the Stars - $11.25
A tasting of three martinis
Shelby Mayer - Grey Goose and dry vermouth
Honey Darling - Bombay Sapphire gin and Dry vermouth
Dorma Nesmond - Ketel One Citroen vodka, pomegranate liqueur and cranberry juice.

Citizens Take Flight - $11.25
A tasting of three flavored Margaritas
Bucky Greenhorn Derby Margarita 
Melvin Macheezmo Mango Margarita
“Ready” Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate Margarita

Champagne Flight - $16
2oz. pour of each
Fairy Tale by Iron Horse, Celebration Cuvee Brut, Green Valley '12
Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui, Piedmont, Italy '11
Tattinger Brut La Francaise Riems, France N.V.

White Wine Flight of the Stars - $14
2oz. pour of each
Fess Parker Riesling, Santa Barbara County '11
Fess Parker Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County '11
Fess Parker Viognier, Santa Barbara County '11

The Belle of Hollywood - $20
A Pinot Noir Flight from the counties of Monterey, Santa Barbara and Sonoma.
2oz. pour of each
Belle Glos Las Alturas Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands '11
Belle Glos Clark and Telephone Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley '12
Belle Glos Dairyman, Russian River Valley '11

Scotch Flight - $25
.75oz. pour of each
The Macallan 12yr., The Macallan 15yr., The Macallan 18yr.

Grand Marnier Flight - $28
.75oz. pour of each
Grand Marnier, Grand Marnier 100 year, Grand Marnier 150 year

A selection of red, white, and sparkling wines ranging from $7 - $16 a glass.

Artisanal Cheeses and Charcuterie Board for Two - $19
An assortment of artisanal cheeses with salami calabrese, chorizo picanta, salami toscano, duck rillette, imported prosciutto and chicken "faux gras" terrine.

Artisanal Cheeses - $15
Champignon brie, midnight moon goat cheese and flora nelle blue cheese served with raisins on the vine, pear jelly, spiced pecans and crostini.

Derby Sliders - $15
A Wagyu beef with cognac-mustard aioli, smoked gouda cheese, bacon and avocado. And a House-made Chorizo with Chipotle mayo, manchego cheese, pickles and crispy onions.

Prince Edward Island Mussels - $15
Sauteed with Applewood-smoked bacon and a garlic herb butter sauce.

Duck Confit Tacos - $14
Sweet onion and orange conserve, taleggio cheese and leek rings.

The Derby Cocktail - $14
Jumbo lump Blue Crab and Black Tiger Shrimp with avocado and a horseradish-tomato juice.

Just what this park needed - a classy little spot to grab a fancy cocktail & appetizer while enjoying the afternoon. Outside on the patio there's tables with umbrellas and high-tops for seating from 2-5 people. The inside area has a few of their usual wooden tables and chairs. The outside has a much better view and is more fun to kick back and people watch from over the inside area, but once summer rolls around again, we think that outside patio might get very empty.
The Lounge menu is likely to change as they adjust to this new addition. We were told if we wanted an item from the regular menu it would be available - we even saw the fanboy favorite Grapefruit Cake pass by on a tray - and it's not on the Lounge menu. If you wanted a cocktail from the regular menu you should be able to order that as well.

We very much like that this is first-come, no reservations. We all know how hard it is to get into a popular restaurant at Disney on a whim. Now you can get in as soon as someone leaves their table. 

We are very happy with this new addition to the park. Heck, it might make us come here more often! File this lounge addition under "why didn't they do this earlier"?

Citizens Take Flight is a tasting of their 3 Margaritas: "Bucky Greenhorn Derby", "Melvin Macheezmo Mango" and "Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate". All are named after Hollywood Studios' Street Performers - the Citizens of Hollywood. These are all handmade, high quality margaritas.

Our favorite 2 are the Classic Lime and the Mango. Light, crisp and refreshing without any heavy artificial flavors. Our least favorite is the Pomegranate, only because of its rather syrupy thick pomegranate flavor - but it's still quite tasty. The glasses are pretty decently sized which makes this a reasonable value for $11.25, plus you get the 3 different flavors. If you love margaritas or just want to try a few new flavors, give this one a try.

We also ordered the Artisanal Cheeses and Charcuterie Board for Two as we're suckers for a fine cheeses and meats. This is one of the most exquisite, diverse and high quality Charcuterie Boards we've ever eaten - anywhere in Orlando. This isn't a dish for non-adventurous eaters. The "faux gras" and duck rillette are not for newbies, but delicious for those willing to take a chance. If you like this kind of funky flavored cheeses and meats like us, we highly recommend it, in fact, we can't wait to order it again.

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Oasis Canteen

(new photo coming soon)Beverage/Snack stand near Indiana Jones Stunt show.

Draft Beer
Bud Light - $6

Popcorn, chips, funnel cakes with assorted toppings, etc.

Updated 5/2013