Whether you're catching a limo to the concert, a Starspeeder to Endor or an elevator to the other side, we'll let you know where to find a satisfying beverage while at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Backlot Express

Located between Indiana Jones & Star Tours. This unique counter service restaurant is designed to look like a prop warehouse for films.  

Bud Light - $6
Yuengling - $6.75
Chardonnay, Merlot, White Zinfandel or Moscato - $6.95

They have a good variety of entrees here. Decent sized portions as well. You can refill your regular beverages here too.

Backlot Express has a good amount of indoor & outdoor seating. This is a very detailed area, when you're done eating take a walk around and read all the signs & posters. The outdoor area has a nice wood, high-top bar that's a nice place to relax on a warm afternoon. Bonus: from the right angle, you can see a little of the Indy Stunt Show.

Updated 5/2013