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Pizza Predatoria

Located in Jurassic Park, you'll find this walk-up counter with food, beer and picnic table seating nearby. Usually only open during peak times of year.

Bottled Beer 
Miller Lite, Heineken, Fosters

Pizzas, salads & meatball subs.

Not much to look at but there are some picnic tables, shade and restrooms nearby. Unless you got food, go wander into the Jurassic Park Discovery Center to get some A/C, as you walk towards the stairs to see the hatchery and full-size dinos, stop and take a look around. Does it look familiar? This portion of the building is an exact replica of the set from the original JP movie. Remember the T-Rex tearing down a sign as he topples a T-Rex skeleton? This is where it happened, well, kind of. It's a good spot for a unique picture. The building is usually pretty empty inside with lots of tables and large windows facing the lagoon so it makes a good spot to cool off. Check out the often overlooked front of the Discovery Center for a nice area to chill & get a view of the whole park. People always miss this area, and it’s beautiful, with lots of lush plants. Great place to get away from the crowds for a bit.

Since we mentioned pictures, let's go ahead and agree on a JP dino pic rule. If you get your picture taken in front of one of the dinosaurs sticking his head out of the trees along the path, please take note, the correct expression on your face is TERRIFIED, not delighted. Simulated running away, simulated knocking your friend down or cowering in fear are all acceptable; posing with your family with dumb grins on your face is not.

 Updated 3/2014

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