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Jurassic Park Beverage Stand

Miller Lite, Yuengling, slushes

Popcorn &, wait for it, . . . MEALWORMS!

Just a walk up stand, this location is really an excuse to talk about eating mealworms, aka "Larvets", which, incidentally, aren't even at the stand, they're in the nearby Jurassic Park gift shop next to the cash register. The small boxes contain about 15 meal worms and come in your choice of cheddar cheese, mexican or BBQ. Here's the shocker, they're actually delicious! They're crispy and crunchy and have very little flavor besides the cheese, mexican spice or BBQ.

Once you get over the fact that you're eating bugs these are actually a lot like potato chips. Need another reason to try them? How about that they're a good source of low calorie protein?  Or how about that America is one of only a handful of countries on Earth that doesn't consider bugs a normal part of its diet?  The only "catch" in my mind is that they're a little addictive and crazy expensive at $2 a box.

Hmmmm, now how about something to make this section worth reading for those who refuse to eat bugs?  Jurassic Park River Adventure opened in Orlando in 1999, in Hollywood in 1996 and Japan in 2001, here's the interesting fact, the $150,000,000 production cost, that's $20 million more than the original movie cost to make, make it the most expensive ride ever made and it still holds its record nearly 15 years after openning.

Now that you've got an interesting fact about the ride you're nearly forced to ride it . . . and since it dumps you out into the gift shop, how about trying those mealworms on the way out? Come on, you're on vacation!

********** Update ************

They now have crickets and mealworms available at both MIB and Jurassic Park - no need to make that tough decision for which park to go to based on which bug you want to snack on.

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