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Located in the Lost Continent island of the park. They are usually only open for lunch, and reservations are recommended. Reservation line: 407-224-4012

Specialty Drinks - $14.95
Served in a Signature 24oz. take home souvenir glass

Mythos Signature Potion of the Gods - Malibu, Captain Morgan, Triple Sec, Razzmatazz, orange, cranberry & pineapple juices with a float of Bacardi 151

Razz Lemonade
- Pinnacle Cit
rus vodka, Razzmatazz, sour mix and a splash of Sprite in a sugared rim glass.

Blue Margarita - Jose Cuervo tequila, Blue Curacao and sour mix.

Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry and Ice Cream Oasis with Disaronno Amaretto.

Zeus Colada - Pina Colada and Ice Cream Oasis with Midori melon.

Mythos Martini - $7.75
Malibu, Midori, Peachtree Schnapps, sour mix and a float of Chambord.

Cosmopolitian - $8
Pinnacle Citrus vodka with a splash of Grand Marnier, cranberry juice and a twist of lemon.

A variety of red, white and sparkling wines available by glass or bottle.

Red Wine Sangria Spritzer - $6
A refreshing blend of Red Wine, pineapple juice, triple sec, grenadine and garnished with freshly sliced oranges.

Draft Beer
Miller Lite, Yuengling, Coors Light, Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Heineken

Bottled Beer
Miller Lite, Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona, Heineken Light

Pour Quality

We dined here for New Year's Eve a few years ago, and after reading all the hype of the place, we were moderately disapointed with the food. We're willing to give it another shot in the future. One big downside is that this place is only open for short lunch hours. Why such an award-winning, fan favorite isn't open later hours for dinner is beyond me. While the picky eater can find something to enjoy, their menu boasts more exotic and unique dishes you wouldn't normally find in a theme park.

The restaurant is built into a rocky mountain with a waterfall, and once you enter you feel like you are inside a cave. It does get rather noisy too with the lack of fabrics and dividing walls. There is a spacious outdoor seating area that gives a expansive view over the lagoon of the rest of the park. The good news is that even when the restaurant is closed, you can still get to part of the patio to enjoy the view.

Updated 3/2014

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