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Mardi Gras Specialty Cocktails

You'll find a selection of Cajun specialties and cocktails during the Mardi Gras festival. "Voodoo Bar" booths are along the walkway to grab a cocktail or beer. Finnegan's, Bone Chillin' and the two vendor booths at the edge of the concert grounds are also open. Finnegan's is a full-service bar, Bone Chillin' has limited slushie drinks and beer, and the concert venue vendor booths only have a small selection of beer.

2015 Specialty Drinks
Voodoo Juice
Souvenir Glass - $10
Refills - $7
Featuring Full Throttle, Minute Maid Orange Juice, Pineapple juice, Cranberry juice and Rum.

Mixed Drink
Souvenir Glass - $10
Mixed Drink Refills - $7
*supposedly double shots

Non-Souvenir Mixed Drinks - $7
*single shot

House Red or White - $6

Jello Shots - $6
Available from the shot girls wandering the event.

Draft Beer Souvenir 
Abita Turbo Dog - $12.79
Abita Purple Haze - $12.79
Miller Lite - $9.49
Yuengling - $9.99

Draft Beer in 20oz. Non-Souvenir & Souvenir Refills
Abita Turbo Dog - $9.79
Abita Purple Haze - $9.79
Miller Lite - $6.49
Yuengling - $6.99

*Prices are all pre-tax
**We highly recomend skipping the souvenir glass if you are only going to have beer. It's the same size as non-souvenir, and unless you want to spend $3 for a blinky glass, it's not worth it.


2013 Voodoo Juice Cocktail Review
We are happy to annouce that this year's signature cocktail is the best it's ever been. Gone is the energy drink mixer and in is a fruity, tasty beverage, that, while not the strongest on the block, is at least delicious to drink. Hey, we enjoy a Red Bull & vodka, but their previous energy drink concoctions weren't cutting it. The new voodoo juice is sweet and nicely balanced with a slightly unexpected sour punch thanks to the cranberry juice.

2012 Voodoo Juice Cocktail Review
In the French Quarter Courtyard you'll find a few Voodoo Bars that serve the above listed limited selection of liquor and beer. The signature drink of Mardi Gras is the Voodoo Juice, but it's just another so-so Hawaiian Punch-like drink, made with Full Throttle Energy Drink, without the hint of any sort of liquor. Slightly better than the HHN specialty, but we're not fans. One to definitely stay away from is the Long Island Iced Tea pre-mix. It's pre-mixed in house, not by some professional bottling company. Not even a knock-off cheap brand would put their name on this stuff. Unless you enjoy a terrible mix of sweet & sour and coke, you'll be upset at the price you paid. Trust us on that one - we're saving you money here.

The souvenir cup is 20oz. and mixed drinks are supposed to be poured as doubles. So, in theory, it should be a better deal to get the souvenir cup. Here's the issue, nearly every drink we ordered was poured closer to a single and we had to (strongly) remind them they're supposed to be doubles. More than once we needed to get the person in charge of the stand to talk to the bartender. Once even the guy in charge wouldn't back down on insisting it's just a single in the refills. Keep a close eye on the bartender pouring your drink, if it's not done right, speak up. Be tough on this one, you're paying a small fortune for your drinks here, you shouldn't have to get three to get an ounce of liquor. If it's not done right, refuse it and get a beer. Frankly, beer's the best deal - can't be watered down. If you only plan on drinking beer that night, obviously skip the souvenir cup unless you want to spend an extra $3 on a blinky glass. They're the same size.

Don't get the wrong message here, we're not inciting over-indulgence. We're just saying for $10 you ought to get a decent drink.

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