Disney's Polynesian Resort

1600 Seven Seas Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Aloha! Step inside this resort and get transported to an island paradise. The lush, tropical foliage and intricate wood and bamboo accents make this one of the best themed resorts on property. Located on the Monorail Resort loop (with stops to Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom, Contemporary and the TTC), the Poly sits on the white sandy beach of Seven Seas Lagoon right across from the Magic Kingdom. The beach is one of the best places to watch fireworks over the castle, if you're not in the theme park. Along with the Grand Floridian, despite its close proximity to the Magic Kingdom, you are not able to walk to the park. For a fun afternoon, head to the marina and rent a boat to see the resort area in a new way.

You can also find select liquor, beer and wine at Captain Cook's. You are paying for convenience here, so don't expect resonable prices.
Updated 1/13

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Tambu Lounge

When people talk about the drinks they had at Disney World, one in particular is usually at the top of the list. You'll see plenty of people sipping their memorable Lapu Lapu out of a fresh pineapple at the bar either waiting for a table, or just enjoying the night. This bar is located on the monorail floor of the hotel, just in front of 'Ohana.

1pm - midnight

Tambu Lounge Drink Recipes

Specialty Drinks only at Polynesian Resort
Lapu Lapu - $13.50
Myers's Original Dark rum and tropical fruit juices served in a fresh pineapple topped with Bacardi 151 rum.

Tropical Macaw - $8.75
Parrot Bay Coconut rum, Midori Melon liqueur, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

Lapu Lapu, Tropical Macaw, Island SunsetIsland Sunset - $8.75
Seven Tiki Spiced rum, Parrot Bay Coconut rum, melon and peach combined with our guava-passion fruit juice.

Backscratcher - $9.75
Bacardi Superior rum, Myers's Original Dark rum, and passion fruit juice topped with Jack Daniel's and a bamboo backscratcher.

Draft Beer
Yuengling, Bud Light, Kona Fire Rock, Kona Longboard

Bottled Beer
Corona, Corona Light, Blue Moon, Guinness, Sierra Nevada Porter, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Yuengling, Dos Equis, Stella Artois, Orange Blossom Pilsner, Kona Longboard, Kona Pipeline (winter months)

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Pour Quality

Assorted appetizers including wings, crab cakes, tuna flatbread and sushi. See photo at end of post.

We here at PTTP are partial to anything tropical, so you've been warned. This is not your typical brightly colored tropical decor, but a neutral color scheme with lots of stone and wood accents. Assorted dark, flat stones make up the floor, with more stone work on the side of the large square bar accented by a bamboo roof held up by wood-carved tiki totems on the corners. Two giant windows off to the side help bring in some light while offering a great view of the lush landscaping. The bar seats about 15, but has room for standing. Near the window you can settle into a couple wicker chairs
and tables in front of 2 TVs.

In the name of research, we just had to try the 4 specialty drinks only available here.

Lapu Lapu & BackscratcherLapu Lapu - This is the it drink to get at this resort. It comes in a pre-cut & hollowed out pineapple. The dark rum gives it a bit more flavor than a typical rum & tropical juice drink, but that's about it. The float of 151 helps justify the $13 price, but flavor wise it's nothing special. Sure, it's a fun experience that even we think is worth the splurge once in a while, but the drink is just ok on it's own.

Our knowledgeable bartender informed us that on average they make between 3-5 dozen of these a night, between the bar and the restaurant's orders. And don't worry about some sorry cast memeber out back slaving away cutting open these pineapples - they come in pre-cut and hollowed out, each individually wrapped, in boxes.

Tropical Macaw - Take a quick picture because this layered drink won't last long. The great mix of pineapple, cococnut and melon make it just sweet enough, with a lightly sour finish. Very smooth, light and refreshing. Be sure to stir it together though once you start drinking to properly mix all the ingredients.

Pina ColadaIsland Sunset - The bartender says this is more like a breakfast smoothie, and was he ever right! Smooth, lightly fruity and blended. The flavor wasn't anything exciting, in fact we found it a little bland, and with the minimal amount of alcohol, you could easily swing this back with toast and eggs. Good for a light drinker.

Backscratcher - It's nice when there's a stand out winner, especially when it's on a menu packed with good stuff to begin with. This tropical vacation in a glass utilizes the caramel flavors of dark rum, sweet passion fruit juice and a splash of Jack Daniel's Bourbon floating on top to make a really unique beverage that's worth the trip to this resort alone (who needs Space Mountain!?) By the way, no discounts if you go sans backscratcher . . . but why would you do something silly like that? Great, now my back's itchy. Anyone got a backscratcher?

Pina Colada - Ok, pina coladas might not be exclusive to the Tambu Lounge, but the glass they serve it in is - and we all know everything tastes better out of a tiki glass! To all of you pina colada folks out there, you're as aware as we are that these things go one of two ways, sweet, creamy and delicious or pre-mix out-of-a-bottle-that-doesn't-need-refrigeration-and-could-survive-an-atomic-blast disgusting. Well, we've got good news, they're using the good stuff here! 

And those awesome tiki glasses? Yes, they are available for sale in the downstairs gift shop but they sell out fast so often can't be found. If you can find one, they're $12.95 each.