River Roost

This charming, laid-back lounge is right off the main lobby, on the way to Riverside Mill Food Court. A great place for a casual cocktail or a rompin' stompin' good time!

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Specialty Draft Beer
Abita Amber, Abita Purple Haze & Abita Turbodog
Try all 3 in their Abita Beer Flight.

Lounge Hours
4pm - midnight

Yehaa Bob Show Time
Wednesday - Saturday 8:30pm-midnight
Check for his full schedule as days/times may change.

Pour Quality

Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Nuggets & Breaded Crawfish Tails with Remoulade Sauce

The Crawfish Tails are a great snack while watching the show. Good flavor, decent portion for the price. We've also really enjoyed their Nachos as well - large, nicely layered with a good amount of toppings and cheese. Plenty for 2 to share.

Step up into the lounge and off to the side you'll find a few cozy bar tables & chairs but further into the lounge there's a long wooden bar with about 10 stools to the side and the middle of the room is filled with multiple dining tables & chairs - and a stage with a piano, the most important part of this lounge. There's 2 tvs at the bar as well. During the afternoon, it makes for a fine spot to relax with a cocktail or beer but once Bob Jackson (aka Yehaa Bob) takes the stage the energy and volume of the lounge hit 11.
If you want to be part of the show, be sure to sit at one of the main tables in the middle of the room. But don't think you can be a wall flower sitting at the bar - you still may get called out by Bob!

Yehaa Bob does 3 shows a night, beginning at about 8:30. The last show of the night is slightly more adult based than the first two when lots of children are usually present. We've watched all 3 shows in one night and it's fun to watch the ones with the children and then see how he changes it up for the final show if the audience is no longer little kids. Mind you, it's not adult, just lightly suggestive - nothing too inappropriate for children.

This makes for a great date night for adults if you're looking for something different at Disney. 

Just remember "You look great Bob!" and you'll look like a regular.

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