Swan & Dolphin Resorts

1200 Epcot Resorts Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

The Swan and Dolphin Resorts, located in the boardwalk loop, can't be missed thanks to their giant namesake statues on their respective roofs. Wait - is the Dolphin a fish? Anyway, these resorts provide some of the best dining and lounges on Disney property.

Epcot is only a short walk away, or you can also take one of the Friendship Boats to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. There is a walking path over to the Studios which is about a 10 min brisk pace walk, which can be significantly faster at times than taking the boat.

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Food & Wine Classic at Swan & Dolphin Resorts

Can there be too much food & wine? The Swan & Dolphin doesn't think so! The resorts are hosting their annual Food & Wine Classic during Epcot's International Food & Wine festival.

October 31 & November 1, 2014 

Causeway Food & Wine Tasting - $89 plus tax
Causeway Food & Wine PLUS Beer Garden Upgrade - $108 plus tax
From 5:30pm-9:00pm
"This event allows food and wine lovers alike to stroll along the causeway on Crescent Lake and immerse themselves in a culinary festival with live music and tastings from the resort's award-winning restaurants and lounges.

Upgrade your causeway ticket to include our Beer Garden! Beer gardens are taking over the US as “the new coffee shop” and we wanted in. We’re building our very own beer garden on the tree-shaded Crescent Terrace for the first time this year.

Travel around the terrace tasting beer after beer, including our local and seasonal favorites. Chef will also be preparing house-made “bar snacks” to pair with our picks. Prost!"

A la Carte Tickets
A la Carte ticket information not posted yet. 

Educational Seminars - $42 each, per person, plus tax
There are 8 seminars available to take part in, ranging from learning about wines, spirits and even beer. All begin at 4:30pm and last about an hour.

For full seminar details, visit swandolphinfoodandwineclassic.com

PTTP's Comments of 2010 Event:

We stopped by early Saturday afternoon to check out the spread and very seriously considered attending. So seriously in fact that we were there as they were setting up and we had the opportunity to meet with many of the people operating the booths. Tickets were $2 apiece and most items required four tickets with one or two requiring three and some requiring five. The obvious busy stand was going to be Shula's with a 4oz Filet Mignon prepared to order (5 tickets/$10).

Todd English's Blue Zoo offered two deconstructed dishes (are chefs still doing this?). You had your choice of shrimp cocktail served in a cigar tube that you would suck into your mouth or a BBQ chicken tender skewered with a pipette filled with sauce. Each dish was 4 tickets/$8. There was also a sushi bar offering shrimp tempura for 4 tickets. We expected a roll for eight bucks but were surprised it was only two pieces. That's two fried shrimp and rice for eight bucks, ouch.

There were also a few bars scattered throughout the area each offering a unique cocktail or a specialty beer. Most cocktails were three tickets and were served in a very small cup (4-5oz?).
These prices make any Disney restaurant look like a steal.

So, the only way to go is clearly with the unlimited wrist band for this event. A hundred bucks was more than we had planned on spending on dinner that evening. We were hoping for something more similar to Epcot's F&W event where a few small bites could be had for a reasonable price. Further, if we were going to spend a hundred bucks on an unlimited dinner buffet, we expect far more choices. After following tweets, Shula's had an insanely long line all night and most other booths were empty.

Those are our thoughts but remember the few caveats, we didn't actually attend the event and it's their first year. I'm hoping for three things for next year, more choices, lower prices and a different date. Why are they trying to compete with Food & Wine instead of creating their own special event? Epcot's already doing this same event much better only a few hundred feet away. Now, if this were held in April, maybe that'd change our entire outlook!