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Belle Vue Lounge

Located in the BoardWalk Resort, on the lobby level just past the elevators hides one of Disney's best lounges. Breakfast is served here in the mornings, but at 5pm, the drinks begin flowing and keep pouring until midnight at this old-fashioned lounge.

We have been told the lounge will be getting their own specialized drink menu focusing on old-fashioned cocktails that reflect the era of the hotel. As soon as the menu is posted we'll have it here.

5pm - midnight

Click here for Disney Resort's Cocktail, Beer & Wine Menu

Macallan - 12yr. - $12
The Glenlivet - 12yr. - $11
Glenfiddich - 12yr. - $11
Oban - 14yr. - $17
Glenmorangie - 18yr. - $29
Johnnie Walker Black - $10.25
Johnnie Walker Gold - $17
Johnnie Walker Blue - $37

Left: X-Rated Fusion concoction, Right: Bookers BourbonBourbon
Knob Creek - $11
Makers Mark - $10.25
Woodford Reserve - $11
Bookers - $12
Wild Turkey 101 - $10.25

Fonseca Bin 27 - $6.75

Warre's Otima - 10yr. - $10
Ferreira - 10yr. - $10
Cockburns - 20yr. - $11

Hennessy XO - $32
Remy Martin VSOP - $17
Courvoisier VSOP - $11

Pour Quality





The 1940's boardwalk charm comes alive in the lounge. You'll feel like you're relaxing in your best friend's living room, as long as that best friend is filthy rich and loved the mid 1900's! You're welcome to enjoy your cocktail in one of the many comfy seats in the solarium or wander outside and enjoy your cocktail in true southern tradition, swapping stories and enjoying the warm Floridian night air on their large veranda, that's patio to you northerners out there. The beautiful warm wood, soft lighting and relaxed atmosphere is why this bar has won more than one Best of the Parks lists. Don't miss this classic Disney favorite on your next trip to the Boardwalk. Oh, and for you sport folks, you may want to head on down to that ol' ESPN club, this is the 1940's and them tele-visions ain't never gonna catch on with us.


One of our favorite drinks anywhere used to be on the menu here way back in the day - "The Shadow" (pictured below). Fortunately, whenever we see our favorite bartenders Tim or Allen working, we know we can count on them for our Shadow fix. The good news is that Belle Vue is getting their own drink menu soon and The Shadow is making a return! They are now focusing on old-fashioned style drinks at the bar to match the atmosphere. Party Through The Parks welcomes the change to fewer frou-frou fresh fruit drinks and more traditional "scotch on the rocks" style imbibery at this classic southern bar. A
lthough this new menu has been employee confirmed on multiple occassions, we've been waiting since early 2011. Spring 2012 update: it's not looking good for their own menu...or they're taking their time to get it just right. 
2013: So that specialty menu never panned out. Pity.

By popular demand we're including The Shadow drink recipe: 1 part Chambord, 1 part Godiva chocolate liqueur, 1 part Stoli Vanil vodka 2 parts heavy cream. Roll to combine and serve over ice.

Reader Comments (2)

That is great to hear about the coming menu. This is my favorite lounge on property and I can not think of a better place to have the old fashioned cocktails (New Orleans style). I've often wondered why there was no place on property that featured the classics - The Brown Derby was the closest thing. Tim and Allen are some of the best.

February 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDarkPassenger

DarkPassenger - Yeah, we're excited too. Have you been to Mizner's Lounge at the Grand Floridian? Their menu is what we expect Belle Vue's to be like.

February 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterPartyThroughTheParks

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