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Carmen's Veranda

Located near Mel’s Drive In. This to-go stand has a small selection of frozen drinks and beer available.

Frozen Drinks - $8.25:
Margarita or Pina Colada

Draft Beer
Miller Lite & Budweiser

Bottled/Canned Beer
Heineken & Coors Light

Pour Quality 

Pretzels and Chips

Walk-up counter service. The building behind the stand houses the bar’s old location, which is no longer open. The counter service restaurant in the building has had new life breathed back into it and now serves as a Character Breakfast. You'll find a set of patio furniture behind the stand and a nice fountain with some shade provided by the large live oaks. 

The next door Allah Villas are a re-creation of the apartments where Marilyn Monroe was discovered in Hollywood. Not much beyond some nice scenery and cleverly disguised offices that you can wish you worked in but now you've got an interesting fact that you can share with your friends to prove you're dorkier than them - like you needed proof, right? Plus, you can walk right through the villas which is a short cut to the Toon area & ET ride.

2012 Updated Review 
Carmen used to mix up some tasty, unique, frozen drinks here that we really enjoyed. Unfortunately, they've taken away a few of the specialty liquors required to make them (most notably Midori) and now only make "typical" frozen drinks, such as Strawberry, Pina Colada, Margarita, etc.

Frankly, the new slush drinks aren't much of a replacement and don't warrant a stop on your imbibary tour. We recently sampled the Margarita. It was strangely salty and heavy on sour mix. Not exactly the sweet yet tart thirst quencher we're looking for on a hot day. That said, they pour a fine beer if you're in need of some suds.

To those of you, like us, that miss the old stuff. We'll keep the old list here for posterity. Of course, you can always still make them at home with our cocktail recipes too!
Potion of the Aztecs
Frozen Pina Colada with Strawberry and Orange with Bacardi Light Rum

Mayan’s Margarita
Frozen Margarita with Cuervo Gold Tequila and Blue Curacao

Lemonade La Bamba
Minute Maid Raspberry with Bacardi Limon Rum

Carmen’s Colada
Frozen Pina Colada with Malibu Rum and Midori Melon liquor

Strawberry Desert Daiquiri
Made with Bacardi Light Rum
RIP Carmen's Colada. You were one of the best. Magic won't bring back this Potion of the Aztecs.Updated 3/2014

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