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Chez Alcatraz

Chez Alcatraz, while a full-service bar, also has a novelty specialty drink menu and tasty appetizers. Yes, that kitchen in the middle of the bar is once again fully functional and serving up some delicious small bites.

You can also look forward to meeting their new permanent resident - Bruce the Shark from the Jaws attraction! What's that you say? You've already met? Great, buy him a drink! We're thrilled to see what has always been one of our favorite bars getting some much deserved new attention.

Specialty Drinks 
The Alcatraz
- $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Pinnacle vodka, Chambord, sour mix, triple sec.

The Rock
- $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Jim Beam Bourbon, sour mix, Sprite and fresh mint.

San Francisco Bay Breeze - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Malibu coconut rum, cranberry and pineapple juice.

Escape - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, peach schnapps, splash of sour mix and Coke.

Frozen Mojito - $9.50  |  Souvenir - $12
Bacardi Limon, key lime juice, cane sugar and fresh mint.

Shark Attack - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Malibu coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine.

The Breakout - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Southern Comfort, Disaronno amaretto liquor, sour mix, orange juice and a splash of Sprite.

Bruce - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Grand Marnier, sour mix and a splash of orange juice.

Bottled Beer
Smirnoff Ice, Foster's, Corona, Sam Adams, Heineken, Coors Light

Draft Beer
Bud Light, Blue Moon, Yuengling

Choose from Red & Blue Chips, Chili, Shrimp Cocktail, Margherita Flatbread & more. View menu below.

Pour Quality

Beverage Service Hours 
Noon - 9pm (Roughly. Occasionally closes earlier if crowds are low)

Food Service Hours 
Noon - around 6pm
 (depends on crowd)

This is a fun "beach style" open-air bar with belly-up stools and a few tables and high-tops overlooking the San Francisco harbor. You'll now find ample seating all along the wharf. There are 2 TVs behind the bar as well. Bringing Bruce (the Jaws shark) over to the bar has already proven to be an excellent move. The excited crowd streaming into this once quiet hideaway to get their pictures taken with Bruce reinvigorates the bar with a new sense of energy. Now it's an even better place for people watching or daydreaming about taking that big yellow Donzi for a spin. 

We stopped by on 3/31/12 and had the fortune of stumbling onto Che'z Alcatraz' opening weekend of the revamp. Excited that one of our favorite stops at Universal is getting new life, we had to try a few drinks - all in the name of research, of course!

Left - Alcatraz, Right - BruceBruce
For our first drink, it only seemed appropriate to order-up the one named after the bar's new resident - Bruce the Shark. Bruce is a margarita with the added splash of some orange juice. Tasty, and the splash of OJ gives it a nice freshly squeezed fruit flavor. You can order Bruce without the souvenir cup to save a few bucks.

The Alcatraz

We wouldn't mind being stuck in jail if they served these! Vodka with Chambord and some sour makes a unique sweet yet sour concoction. Chambord is soooo good, how can you ever go wrong with it?

The mix of Crown, Captain, peach schnapps, sour and Coke makes for one interesting, savory yet sweet drink. The mellow flavors of Crown Royal always play nicely with a spiced rum and the peach schnapps add to the complexity and sweetness of this smooth cocktail.

Frozen Mojito

This one sounded a little strange but after seeing several pouring out of the blender for other guests we thought "Now just what kind of researcher are you if you don't try this?" Che'z' take on the traditional mojito is prepared with fresh mint leaves just like the original but they're thrown in the blender with a mix of juices (supplied by Bacardi) that make the final product similar to a margarita. The drink is garnished with a healthy sprig of fresh mint. The tart lime margarita flavor is spiked with little chopped up bits of mint leaves to continually provide a great smooth mint flavor to your icey cold blended drink.

Red & Blue Chips

While enjoying our cocktails, we decided a little bar grub was in order and picked up the Red & Blue Chips to munch on. Presented in a metal pail, these thick and crunchy kettle-style chips are tossed in a moderately hot buffalo sauce and then sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles. Aside from the fact that it could've had a few more crumbles, it's a fun snack that is worth a stop. In all fairness
we're stinky cheese lovers so even if it was a pound of bleu we'd still be asking for more. And for a theme park, you get a pretty good value for your buck on this snack with chips piled all the way from the bottom of the bucket up to the top.

Updated 3/2014

Reader Comments (2)

ah, yes. i have wasted many hours hanging out here too. bet i've seen you!

June 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

The Frozen Mojito was SOOOOOO GOOD!! It almost made a long day in the sun perfect (along with all the rides and shows).

August 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterCathie Bergfels

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